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I am one of five sisters in the middle of Probate since my

Customer Question

I am one of five sisters in the middle of Probate since my mother died. My mother had a house that we sold, and a bar business that I am buying with my inheritance. I currently have the temporary liquor license issued by the ABC, but the probate attorney will not let me take control of the bar yet. One of my sisters has been co-managing with me. She has been handling the book keeping. The attorneys allowed her to lock me out of the office 6 months ago. From the beginning, I have been complaining that she was cutting the tops off the daily cash register receipts so you couldn't see the date and time. I suspected then that she was up to something by doing that. The attorneys did not do anything, they continued to let her run the bar with me locked out. Recently I saw that she had taken a $190 draw out of the register and I caught her in a lie (in an email) about what it was for. I brought it to the atty's attention who just laughed it off. Since I got my temporary license on March 24th, I have been asking the bar tenders to write down their daily register and credit card totals (broken down). I keep telling the attorneys that I am concerned that no accounting has been done with all the cash transactions, and no records of actual register receipts. No response. Well, since I believe I legally have the right to go into the office, since the liquor license is now in my name, I hired a locksmith last night to get me keys to the office. I went in, and I found evidence that my sister has been taking a minimum of $60 a day sometimes twice that, but it looks like $60 is her target number. This evidence comes in the form of calculator receipts that prints out every day. She types in the dollar amounts, adds it up, tears it off, writes the date, and the words "day shift" or "night shift" next to each number. This is in her handwriting. When I compare that to the texts from my bartenders, I see that each day she has approximately $60 from one shift or the other, or sometimes she will take half from one shift and half from another shift, OR, she will take $60 or more from both shifts. She cuts off the dates and times from the register receipts and then throws them in the trash. This way, the only way to account for cash revenue is what she says it is.
Is this embezzlement and what can I do to catch her or report her? Can she at least lose her inheritance for doing this?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Richard replied 1 year ago.
Hi. Your question popped up inadvertenly on my screen. I'm so sorry! Therefore, I am going to opt out to open your question up to all experts so another expert can hopefully timely provide you the information you seek. Please do not respond to this post as it will only slow the process of such an expert picking up your question. Take care.