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Zoey, JD
Zoey, JD, Attorney
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I am a class E felon (30 yrs ago in NY) I filed a false instrument.

Customer Question

I am a class E felon (30 yrs ago in NY) I filed a false instrument. I live in La. Been here for 12 yrs. No jail time, 5 yrs probation served 2. 6 mos. community service. Other then that i,m clean. I have a civil suite pending in NY.. Don't know i you can help me. Trying to get a concealed permit to carry.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.
Hello, A person convicted of any crime for which the maximum possible penalty is more than a year of jail loses his NYS and Federal gun rights. That doesn't go away by itself, even after 30 years. New York's gun laws are, if not the toughest in the nation, then way up there with the best of them. So once you lose your rights with a felony conviction, they don't make it easy for you to get them back. You can get your state rights back with either a Certificate of Rehabilitation, if you asked for the restoration of your gun rights on it, or a Certificate of Good Conduct (again if you ask for it). Gun rights are not re-granted automatically if you don't include that you wish them on your application. The Federal government should accept the certificate for purposes of restoring your Federal firearms rights. If they don't, you'd need a pardon from the governor. I've attached more information about the certificate and what it does and doesn't do.