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About a year ago i drove a friend of mine to Walmart when he

Customer Question

about a year ago i drove a friend of mine to Walmart when he was checking out through self check i told him i had to use the restroom and he asked me for my keys so he could just meet me at the car when and if he got done before me which i gave them to him and when he was done he went to the car when i got done i was heading out the doors when i seen my friend standing at the outside of the inside set of doors with a guy when i walked out i said lets go and was interrupted by this other guy standing there who had said i needed to go with him because there was unpaid for merchandise in the cart that my friend didn't pay for here i stood in ? and i didn't know what was going on i never had anything when i walked up to my friend so i told the security im not going with him and said i did nothing wrong and asked him what he was trying to say was unpaid for when he pointed the item out to me i took it out of the cart set it on the ground next to the cart and proceeded to tell my friend lets go we then walked out to the car got in and left the guy followed us out calling the police at the same time and gave them my plate# ***** im having to go to court to fight this jerk when i did nothing and there trying to charge me with petty theft and they haven't even bothered to as much as even call him 4 anything all of this and on top of it he lied saying i got violent with him and started throwing stuff at him i did no such thing i was told they have surveillance tapes at first but when i wanted to c them because i know this dummy is lieing through his teeth they quencadentaley dont have them and are unable to get them HUH? when i questioned the public defender she informed me that this particular LP guy has had many many other cases with this same problem he wrongfully accuses and lies to and about people like me who have done no wrong then when its time to prove there guilt beyond a reasonable doubt what do you know the tape or video magically vanishes and is no where to be found because he knows the lie he just told just to get somebody like me who he doesn't like in trouble what can i do help i have and have had the same job that iv been with for 8 years i make $3000.00 a month this is so ridiculous that he is accusing me of this not only can i lose my job but over $80.00 in stuff that come on now if i wanted i had plenty of money and could have bought more than a 100 times
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 1 year ago.
Hello. I'll be happy to assist you.I've read your explanation of the facts. Specifically, what is your question?