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I received a letter about my court date on April 19 saying

Customer Question

I received a letter about my court date on April 19 saying 24/7 PFGINDY online for a free consultation on my case # ***** except I have no money to pay for a lawyer & have been having a load of trouble for a couple years now since I called the police the 1st time because I had to leave living at my daughters when we had an argument cause of a new guy she met & everyone knowing us playing mind games & I was not trusting a whole lot of people involved esp because she just met the dude trusting him so much along with her friends etc instead of me so when she was talked into having a restraining order against me sent to an address of a friend I had some stuff stolen off his porch that I didn't stay with & the police officer lied on his report I made about me & even others after cause so much was going on with everyone & everywhere I went I was seriously worried so why I called the police myself the times I did thinking things would have been a lot different by now except so many have been involved with lying & scheming & knowing everything about me that all that happens is I get setup for being ripped off cause they have lied about their complaints at this apt I am supposed to be out of last month March 30 after ingnoring every complaint I made & involved with how centerstone became my payee for ss also plus the people there & involved everywhere even the bank I had & centerstone has an account at has been involved with seting up trouble for me saying & have played like I am stupid basically cause they have proven to me that even in the court house they say & do what they want to having people everywhere I go do what they are told also saying the problem is my disease of the brainthey say is a mental problem over how this type of thing was going on that got me involved with Quinco as it was called then around 2005 when I decided to file disability except my problems have even gotten worse because of so many knowing each other saying & doing this because of how they knew more than I did about things involved than I still realize about all the people involved & I have seriously believed that murder has been going on also with the scheming that has happened for so long now & that I am just in their way so this has occurred because of my complaining about the people that has been involved accepting it over money most likely besides their other attitudes that has been troubling them acting like it has been my fault mostly & that I don't have any sense over these matters as well because of how I have been harassed so much & have not known how to handle the whole mess really so it does look like I cannot do anything for myself & I had tried to make another appt to be my own payee at the ss office they made for the 21ST of April then this was all instigated at my apt building with these people that has worked with me & goes there also & involved with police etc like government & the court house working underhanded making things as difficult for me as possible & my son died OCT 4 of 2011 his BD is the 16th & my daughter meets this dude I am sure knows a lot of people involved too & I had been told he sold drugs & beat up his GF before by my grand daughters aunt so I was very worried when my daughter met him a year after my son died & went to stay at his place leaving me alone at hers for a month then brings him to stay at her place with him & his daughter & then heard that & how mind games were going on making me suspicious & how I ended up having to leave just after JAN 2013 sometime & how all the people kept instigating things to make me worry also so it has just seemed to have gotten worse than better since I had to go to jail last being not this past winter but 2014 around DEC & I know they have been in trouble when I had cared for my granddaughter till that happened!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
We cannot actually call you over this matter, we can answer you in this forum only. First and foremost you are going to need legal representation and if you cannot afford representation in the criminal case you are entitled to a public defender to represent you in that case. Also, you need to get to the local legal aid office involved to assist you as well in the other non-criminal matters to try to resolve all of these cases against you to stop you from ending up losing everything in all of those other cases.
Legal aid can assist you in the civil cases, but you need to local public defenders office to represent you in the criminal case and you need to go to the court and into the public defender's office to get your assistance.