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My Son was in an auto accident he was

Customer Question

My Son was in an auto accident he was 16 years old the driver of the car was 18 white female my Son was black. The female passed in the car my Son was life flighted out to another hospital. I was not notified by police or hospital. Found out on Facebook. The police who handled the investigation did not handle it properly. They say the girl that was driving lost control of the car and went into the other lane. This young lady was a very good driver with back ground of racing the other car did not even try to avoid the kids car. He is known in this community as an alcoholic drug user. After a month and a half of calling the Mich State Police asking about his Toxicology report and going in in person and asking if they got it back yet. The answers were no not yet. So I had contacted the sheirf of Ogemaw co after hearing that the other driver was leaving state how can he leave with an open investigation. He told me that the commandor at the state police wanted to talk to me. So I went to the Mich police post and the commandor had told me they didn't do a toxicology report on the other driver only on the driver of the car my son was in. That her toxicology report was what they were waiting on. I had found an alcohol bottle at the crash site how did this get past the police. I took a pic of it but would have never thought to bag it. I had told this Lt this. His reply was it could of came from the kids car. I in reply told him they just left my house my child does not drink alcohol either dose the girl who drove. My son did use marijahna but he did not use it in my home. So he may come back with that in his blood but that don't matter he wasn't driving. The girl that was driving just came from her dads house and had her 14 year old sister in the car the kids were going to go to her aunts to hang out. There was no alcohol involved. The Lt told me that he would try and rectify the situation and try to get a warrent for any blood work that was at the hospital for the other driver I still have not heard back from him. After I told him I'm a grieving mother working on an impact statement for court against this man and you let me down. He told me they had the other driver in a police car and did not smell alcohol on him or did they at the hospital I looked at him and said you can't smell pills and an alcoholic knows how to hide alcohol. A child died on the schean and u didn't fallow protocol. A week prior to this accident I sat across from this man at a cheer leading banquet for my daughter he kept his head hung down rubbing his head. Wouldn't look me in the face. He was like an addict with no pills a alcoholic with no alcohol. His wife made excuses for him saying he needs medication he has a migraine. Was hinting around if I had anything. His step daughter use to be my daughters friend she would hate being at my sister in laws house and him picking her up cuz he was drunk all the time. I feel the police didn't do proper protocol cause my son was black and with a white girl. Also the school did not treat his death like they do the other children who have passed they usually do a code of silence at the school for the kids and was never done. I wanted to retire my sons jersery from the school and they won't allow it. I am living in a white dominate area. Know I know why my son always said its because I'm black isn't it. I'm a white woman and never really understood what my son went threw living here and growing up in this town till now. My daughter heard the superintendent of the school kick my son and his steep dad out of a football game he went too cuz of raising money for breast cancer. Because my son was suspended from school that he had to leave the game him and his step father. And as they were walking away my daughter heard the superintendent say I'll make shure that Lil nigglet didn't come back so after that I pulled my son from school they were failing him there. I put him in adult Ed he got all caught up with all his work was advanced in his studies all he wanted was to play ball. He was only back to the school 3 weeks. Then died from this auto accident. I need a good lawyer to go against the Michigan state police and the school district for discrimination of my son. I also want someone to look into this accident why wasn't it handled like any other one. Why did they lie to me about the toxicology report. And now after 21 days that I hear they only hold blood for. I'm so lost here. I need a good Lawyer. Someone who will walk threw this with me and take the time. Thank You for listening. Rhonda ***********.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
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