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Amber E.
Amber E., Attorney
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I am a 68 year old black woman in des moines. ia. this man

Customer Question

i am a 68 year old black woman in des moines. ia. this man ***** *****, and his crew, has been following me from state to state, and calling health care peoples, in what ever state, i am in, that i was his companion, his people in his crew was my kin folks, and they are trying to get me in a home, where they can get the six thousand dollars, and split it. i do not know these peoples, they do not know me. they been in my life, for years.they are telling peoples, that i am hiv positive, they are saying i am sick . they are trying to make an issue out of my small size, they say i am poor, i am a bone. they been harassing me for years. ***** *****, has also stole my clothes, my stories, i wrote, and my songs, which he has let somebody record at least two of them. they talk like since a person is old, they have no rights, what ever they write of what ever they can take it from them. ***** ***** has peoples, writting him a book off of what ,i wrote. by the way my stuff is copyright, he know this, but they try to put stuff things on it. i want to build a case against him, and take him to civil court. i took a hiv test in durham. north carolina, at dukes hospital. i need to get these peoples out my life.thank you, ***** ***** the time to read it.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Amber E. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. Harassment can be dealt with first by contacting the local police and filing a report about it. It is important to describe in detail exactly what happened and inform the police of any witnesses who may have more information. The police can tell the person(s) involved to STOP and/or arrest them and have them charged. In a criminal case, the court can issue an order of protection prohibiting any future contact. l Harassment can also be addressed in civil court. There, a victim can sue for any damages suffered as a result of the harassment, defamation, etc. The court can also issue orders of protection to prohibit future harassment. Many courts have forms available that allow individuals to file civil actions on their own; however if no forms are available and an attorney is needed, it is often a good idea to contact the local legal aid office for representation. Legal aid can represent low-income people and the elderly in many cases at no cost. You can find your local legal aid office by visiting