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Zoey, JD
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I need a Lawyer please.

Customer Question

I need a Lawyer please .
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


Lawyers on this site are not allowed to represent customers. It's a violation of the site's terms of service. However, you can make the harassment stop without having to hire a lawyer.

If your sisters' actions are making you fearful for your safety you would be able to get an emergency protective order either through the criminal or civil courts depending upon the nature of the harassment and what you want to accomplish.

With the criminal restraining order, you would have to go to the police and tell them that you want a protective order and you want charges pressed against your sisters because they are harassing you and you are fearful for your safety.

Here is the harassment statute and if what they are doing makes out this offense, the state can charge them with a crime. They would become defendants in a criminal case and could get arrested again and charged with additional offenses if they have anything further to do with you. The state prosecutor would handle this matter in court on your behalf, which means you would not need to have a separate lawyer. You're covered.

If you just want them stopped but don't want to have them charged with a crime, Colorado has civil restraining orders as well. Here you'd go to civil court and wouldn't need to go to the police. The court would grant you a temporary order protecting you. Then your sisters would have to be served with the order and you would have to go to court and have a hearing. At the hearing, where you don't need a lawyer, you'd have the burden of showing why you needed the order and that it should be made permanent. You would submit what evidence you have to show that you are being harassed. They would get a chance to show that they were not harassing you. If the judge finds in your favor, the temporary order protecting you becomes permanent.

You can find out more about an emergency civil protective order on this very good overview of the process. With either of these orders, your sisters would risk arrest and criminal charges if they don't leave you alone.