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I feel I need a civil rights lawyer. I feel my rights were

Customer Question

I feel I need a civil rights lawyer. I feel my rights were violated. I was stopped for a defective headlight and arrested, handcuffed, frisked by 2 police officers (Roseville and Eastpointe) surrounded by 3 police cars 4 w/ Eastpointe. For a failure to appear in court
in 2009 for failure to obtain a business license and code violation. Mind you I'm a resident of Eastpointe and a business owner currently. Police took mugshots/fingerprints put me the
"FISHBOWL" took my shoes and my sweater they had my coat already and turned the air or blower on from the ceiling vent freezing me after sending my husband to get change!
They said bond was 750.00 but when he got there they said its and add. 20.00 and they had no change. Appeared before Judge Gerd 111 who was irritated because I wanted legal representation and proceed to add violations that were already addressed. I have a court date April 6 @ 1p with a court appointed lawyer. I already witnessed one in action just pay the fine he told the guy. I know this is not all about the money it is racial as well!
PLEASE HELP ME! Pamela Boatman 16144 Veronica Eastpointe, MI 48021(###) ###-####(cell) Pjazz Collection Boutique*****Eastpointe, MI 48021(###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


There is an open criminal case out against you. What is it you are beign charged with at this time?