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I am an escort and the bail bonding agent contacted me as a

Customer Question

I am an escort and the bail bonding agent contacted me as a client and then paid to spend an hour with me then a 22 days later came back and executed a planned forced entry on me then made me underdress in front of him his partner before taking me to jail. crime was DWLS 3rd degree.Can I sue the bonding company and him?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Aladdin Bail Bonds
Owned & Operated by
Two Jinn LLC
2939 Broadway
Everett, WA 98201Everett Location # *****
Washington Insurance License No. 239930To whom it may concern,Gernine M. Tedesco plaintiff herein, is a resident of Seattle Washington. Ms. Tedesco resides at*****NE, Seattle WA 98115. The defendant herein, is Aladdin bail bonds and its agent male (name unkn(###) ###-####. and said contracted agent that has principal business in Seattle, Washington.(1). Ms Tedesco was first contacted by a male on 1/08/2016, 26 days prior to her being taken to jail by Aladdin’s Bounty agent on 1/28/2016 @ 2:24pm for FTA in court on a DWLS 3rd degree.On 1/8/2016 @10:22am Ms. Tedesco received the first SMS message from defendant, “Looking for some company” and are your tits real?”. end quote. Ms Tedesco replied - Yes. SMS message cont. between Ms. Tedesco and defendant throughout the day. ( Original 16 SMS messages 1/08-28/2016)Ms. Tedesco was under the impression that defendant was a truck driver and would be contacting her soon to request an a massage appt from Ms Tedesco. Defendant met with Ms. Tedesco later that day and donated $200.00 to Ms. Tedesco for her time and company.On 1/28/2016 @ 9:48am Ms. Tedesco was again contacted by defendant wanting to hook up with her later in the day as he was in stockton CA loading up and would contact her later. Ms. Tedesco only reply was OK.Defendant cont. to message Ms. Tedesco throughout the day with the last SMS message received @ 2:24pm on 1/28/2016. Under RCW 18.185.110 (1)(2)(3)(5)(6)(7)(11)(16) alleges defendants unprofessional conduct and gross misconduct. 18.185,300 (b) providing a female officer upon planned forced entry.Defendant cont. to misrepresent himself while inside residents and seeing Ms. Tedesco topless and through the planned forced entry knowing there were several other people at the residents Identify himself as a bounty agent (18.185.300) (2) Defendants gave no concern to public safety. Defendants had multiple times to contact Ms. Tedesco under 18.185.280 (6) for the purpose of voluntary surrender.Ms. Tedesco concerned for her, neighbors and even defendant safety (which he is still not identifying himself) she lets this man into the house and within second Ms. Tedesco is tackled to the ground with defendant behind her now claiming he is bail agent along with his partner. 2nd defendant doesn’t have any identifying signs he is with the bail bonds company only a bulletproof vest on and dark clothing. Once Ms. Tedesco knows whom the defendants are she states to both parties why didn’t you just say who you were. why did you have to go through all this shit, you scared the shit out of me. Why didn’t you call me I would have come in. I didn’t know you were looking for me. Defendant stated he didn’t contact Ms. Tedesco because nobody surrenders and they run, Ms Tedesco. Over a DWLS 3rd the lowest charge there is? Ms. Tedesco stated I’m not like others and it’s only a DWLS 3rd charge and I thought I was done with Aladdin. I wasn’t hiding nor was I hiding where I lived. Hence not contacting Aladdin. My taxes were filled using this address. Furthermore, if you had called me and advised me of what was going on I would have complied though you didn’t give me the chance, so we’ll never know If I would have or not. Come to think of if you had contacted me but didn’t surrender you could have still pulled this stupid shit and I would have been caught… But you didn’t so we’ll never know that either…...Ms Tedesco still topless ask if she could get dressed and waited for either defendant to answer before moving, both defendants stated yeah sure, and as Ms. Tedesco walked into her bedroom both males followed Ms. Tedesco into the room. Ms. Tedesco stated I don’t have any weapons or anything in here just so you know, both replied ok though we still have to be in here.Ms. Tedesco was scared and helpless and afraid to do anything and was advised to get on with it getting undressed, so that they can go. Ms. Tedesco was now fully naked infront of two male authority figures feeling helpless begins to cry. Either male defendant turned around or looked into another direction and stared at Ms. Tedesco smiling. Ms Tedesco scared, frightened and cold was asked to sit while one defendant left the room.. The other male came over to Ms. Tedesco and states your beautiful do you know that? Ms. Tedesco frightened says thank you.. Unprofessional conduct RCW 18.185.110.Ms Tedesco scared out of her mind walks with the two defendants without running or causing any issues. Ms. Tedesco still hasn’t been giving any paperwork or shown ID badges and still is confused as why she is being taken to jail. Defendant stated he would recommend Ms. Tedesco for rebail. Aladdin was not clear nor provided Ms. Tedesco of a clear process of the bail bonding duties as this was her first time using a bail bonding company.By reasons of the facts and circumstances stated above
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 1 year ago.
Hello! My name is ***** ***** I am a licensed attorney with more than 18 years of experience. I am here to assist you with your questions. Please understand that if I ask you for additional information, you are NOT charged again and our communications are NOT timed. So please see this as a relaxed conversation between friends. I am here to helpSorry, I do not understand your were engaging in prostitution and you want to sue the bail bondsman for turning you in? Is that correct?