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Phillips Esq.
Phillips Esq., Attorney-at-Law
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I have been making calls since 9 am. Eight hours of

Customer Question

I have been making calls since 9 am. Eight hours of continuous requests inquiries from various lawyers coming up on google search based on my description typed for searching purpose. Not one of them or their assistant who story was told cared to have them return my call or themselves care to even try direct me to the right people(department) Maby some general info on at least how to handle this critical situation or to start procedure if nothing else that they could have done more. Because regardless of them being lawyers president multimillionaires whoever, we are all humans, God put a heart in us to love eachother as humans and have feelings sympathy for humanity, if someone is reaching out for help in attempt to save their life and letting you know as a human being and on top of it as a lawyer too representing the human legal rights to live in this country someway somehow all lawyers do/ did take that oath to defend you on a life threating case I believe, then how come all day I'm getting the answer SORRY NOT MY AREA, or YES I HANDLE THE AREA BUT I WORK WITH DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS, not cases against such in other words to my understanding, or that they were away even though emergency phone is accessible and live person spoked with, yet pretty sure not interested none as nobody called back. What happened to humanity? I am in shock traumatized. I can't accept it. Ok I understand they might not be able to handle the complete case not having the expertise or for many reasons, I have no issue with that, but we are talking about an emergency paper that needs to be obtained from a judge to save a person life!!!! There are exactly 7 days and if that paper is not being obtained the person will die. Any lawyer can get it. Does not require his/her area@@ to save a LIFE!!! It's a temp approval from a judge so the person won't die, while a lawyer is willing to take the case and start gathering all data (allot of it) himself as lawyer needs time to analyze every aspect point of case , before even opening lawsuit and presenting it in court, which will take dedication detailed explanations of the client of hundreds of wrongfully errors reported, interpreted, misdiagnosed, commented, etc, performed and part of her long term medical hx, which are of critical importance being discussed with client, who needs to be physically and mentally healthy and competent enough to a minimal degree to be able to do so, and not dead!!!! if someone is interested to talk I will explain exactly what I need and why. Tks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to read about your difficulties. I hear your frustrations. However, this site does not offer legal representation.

You can use the site below to try once more to find an Attorney. I am sure that you would eventually find an Attorney who would be interested to assist you.

Best wishes,