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I am a case manager. Was injured on after fall. My manager

Customer Question

I am a case manager. Was injured on after fall. My manager tried to tell me that I only had 24 hrs to hand in report. Well no so. I am on workmanship comp now and due to see Neuro SURGEON on 3oth. Anyway. I am on light duty not in field as a case manager. I decided to see a favorite pt of mine. Caregivers brought to my attention that medications were wrong and asked me to go over them. Assigned case manager saw them that AM and said he would bring new med sheet back in AM. I had a more recent med sheet than Nov. And told them that medications were not updated to the minute but did see a major problem as they pointed out. Showed them office number and fax number to call facility for questions. Also spoke to daughter that I built a bond with. mentioned that medications were being checked against med sheet in AM. texted off duty Dr. regarding this. He was aware that I was NOT in field but wanted for him to see what happened giving a clear picture. The nurse that has pt. Is lost he is so new. She was on double dose. Caregiver aware of this and told to go over medications with caseworker in AM to clarify. That was plan anyway.Went over office number to call about meds or questions. Was called into office my manager and told that power of attorney not happy. I had got a phone call from daughter whIle I was there and told her whAt was told to me by caregivers. Next thing they are saying that I told family that case manager does not know what he is doing. All I said was that is is very new.I was told that I am on paid administrative leave as I over stepped my boundaries. Also said that they did not know how this would affect my workmanship compensation. They are suppose to call me in AM and let me know. Can they fire me for this? How should I answer should they go this direction. Previous manager said the only one upset is that manager. Also added you will be off tomorrow and be back. Instructed by upper management not to talk to anyone I work with. Personally I would love to not work there. Lots of problems, understaffed, overworked etc...
Submitted: 1 year ago via Cornell Legal Info Institute.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

I understand your situation and I hope you are recovering from your medical situation. Unfortunately, they could fire you for this as you were on leave and should not have acted in an employment capacity. The patient and her daughter would clearly get the impression you were in the position of authority. The other issue in Florida, employment is at will so they can fire you at any time with or without cause. This should not affect your eligibility for worker's compensation since the injury occurred prior to this. I'm happy to talk by phone for an additional charge if you like.