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Ray, Lawyer
Category: Legal
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Experience:  30 years in civil, probate, real estate, elder law
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Ray I didn't get back to you. I wasn't feeling very

Customer Question

Hi RayI didn't get back to you. I wasn't feeling very well, as well as deal with my Mom who is very sick.
You answered a number of questions for me some time ago.
I understand all of you responses.
However I may have not made myself clear as to what my main problem is. And that is that I am dealing with what I am sure is a conspiracy between the Judge, and the two co-guardians, who are my brother and a court appointed inexperienced and incompetent lawyer , who worked for the same judge at one point. Who refuses to investigate any of my brother's handling of my mother's finances and funds. I have time and time again asked for a financial accounting and it has not been provided. I have provided proof to both the court and the appointed attorney that my brother has used my mother's funds for his own means and nothing was done about
What I am searching for is a means to get this case out of the Bergen County Court and heard by some other court or authority. The reason as I tried to explain is that the same Judge keeps appointing himself to the every case I have brought in this court and both protects, his appointed guardian as well as my brother, who he appointed as well.
This Judge is the assignment Judge and completely controls what happens in this county court house. He has time and time again manipulated the case to deny any motion which I have made, as well has influenced my attorney to not follow my instructions and what was in the best interest of my case. I have gone through four lawyers and two separate cases and it has been the same again over and overThere-fore I need some way to petition, some other court or authority to get what I am looking for. And circumvent this county court, which the judge runs
Also as stated before I would like to report the judges behavior to some higher authority. This judge has also been known to act this way with other parties, as well.Also I would like to know if there is a law that gives me the right as a son and air in my mother's will, to my incapacitated mother's financial records?Thank you Nick
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

Hi Nick and welcome back to JA.Ray here again to help.

Your remedy to move t his would be a motion to recluse the judge.You would claim you cannot get a fair hearing and that there is bias here on his part.It is a risky motion if denied you feel like the judge will rule against you.But sometimes you feel you are going to loose anyway.You ask that a visiting judge or ancillary judge here the motion in this situation.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

Sample motion to recluse.

Thanks again for the chance to help.

If you can positive rate it is always much appreciated.