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I'm a mother of a daughter-19y/o. She was living with her

Customer Question

I'm a mother of a daughter-19y/o. She was living with her child's father in a camper on his mom's property during the pregnancy, but she left to return home due to physical and emotional abuse by the child's father. I told her to call the police, but she went to mother's house and told her, "to sleep on couch, keep door locked, and don't let him in." I told her I'M CALLING THE POLICE THERE. She didn't know #'s to address, mother refused to give me the address, and mother said don't call police. I called anyway thinking back on past abuse( thrown into t.v., chokings, constant public comotions, and his family of no defense to help her or call her any help). The police came spoke with me and went to mother's. They spoke with my daughter, she said the father was gone now everything's o.k, mother refused to speak with them, and they came back to talk with me. They informed me my daughter said everything is ok, that she will have to be the one to call, and they won't be able to do anything unless she is willing to pursue or cooperate. I thanked them and asked them "Well, what do i do when my child callsagain, she's in danger, and i can't help her?" They shrug and say tell her she got to do something. I shook my head and said ok. She came back home with mother next day.The mess due to another female child's father's dating also now. We sat and talk and later became good friends. Me and mother both against the abuse, that this is out of control, and if father wants to be a part of baby's life he best to get himself together. My rule--child father not allowed at my house at all unless I'm there. The mother trying to talk my daughter into returning, took 2mths to bring her clothes, and wanted all details on my daughter's whereabouts. This incident---the father and his mom brought baby items; mother inside with me and my daughter talking, my younger kids were outside playing. We were laughing and talking, but interrupted by hollering, cursing, father telling his mom "come on they gotta go". My younger 3 children all come inside scared, mother embarrassed and scared also trying to see what's was going on. He was clowning with a neighbor down the street about looking at him and watching him. I talk to neighbor and they said he's always just acting like that with them..i said ok, but not at my address, around my kids, and let them know we have nothing to do with that craziness. I told the mother tell the father he is no longer allowed over here.If my daughter didn't want to go to certain family functions, places that involved the child's father being involved , wouldn't call for favors/rides, not telling of whereabouts, or just don't call at all the mother gets upset. My daugher start dating another guy, she was gone a lot more, leaving her phone at home, and mother decreased on coming over. I backed up, paid attention, and gave advice when needed to my daughter and the mother. Then the closer it got to the due date the more intensifying situation became.My daughter about to have babyand I'm in delivery---it's a long night/baby don't come til next morning. I asked my daughter to call mother---she didn't want no one around. After baby is born next morning, she's so exhausted/drugged up she past out. AFTER resting some, I ask about her calling mother--she said no and didn't feel like being bothered. I told her at least let them know baby born, she thinks then call. Mother comes visit ask why baby didn't get father's last name, called him "he too tired to come up", she leaves upset. Father comes next day with mother; she 's not talking much. He quiet at first then bringing up when they were staying together, if baby name don't change it's not his baby, and dnt call him or mom no more. I say stop the craziness, she dn't have to change baby name, he's not being called no way--so it don't matter, and if he dnt do someone will--baby won't want for anythg. He leave going to nurses station clowning,security called, he's put out hospital, and social wrker concerned on well being of baby and mom when released. I tell them he's alrdy barred from my house; she will be fine. Mother leave to return with blood test, and we agree to it thinking this will calm things. It doesn't--we back n forth to court--child support, proving paternity, visitation, joint custody, name change, and always somethg else added after each court date. 1st dismissed, continued on serving my daughter, date changes 2-3 times...we got paternity/child support we can't agree on preferring my daugther there for visitations, not wanting baby name change, no joint custody
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.

Hi - my name is ***** ***** I'm an attorney in Mississippi. I'll be glad to assist.

It sounds like you've had quite a ride through chancery court over these issues. But, it also appears that you're on the down side of things since paternity has been established.

Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.

What you've been told about missing court is correct.....if you fail to appear and court is held, the other side will likely be awarded everything they're asking for by default.

Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.

That said, if something is set for hearing and you cannot be there, the simplest thing to do is file a motion to continue the hearing until a later date so you an be in town and capable of appearing.

Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.

Please let me know if you need anything further. Also, please take time to positively rate our conversation so I may receive credit for assisting. Thanks again!