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Nishan Parlakian
Nishan Parlakian,
Category: Legal
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My sister-in-law has signed over a foreclosed house to her

Customer Question

My sister-in-law has signed over a foreclosed house to her husband. How long does she legally have to remove her belongings from the house without getting a sheriff to come to the door?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Nishan Parlakian replied 1 year ago.

Bob, generally the sheriff would have to provide a writ and post it to the property indicating the person had 24 ours to leave. This would be important if when she signed over the property, it was not discussed or written to the record. I do not believe that the husband can take any steps to remove or touch anything until the sheriff posts the notice. This could be as short as 24 hours to as long as it take the husband to seek eviction. Is it possible to amicably come to a term with the tenant and husband or is that out of the question? Hope this has been helpful. If so please rate me. Good luck. Sean