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I live in Tennessee...I bought a 1973 Triumph TR6 in 2005

Customer Question

I live in Tennessee...I bought a 1973 Triumph TR6 in 2005 and december 2005 I took the vehicle to be restored...I paid for the whole interior kit, seats, carpet, door panels, dashboard, all the trunk interior parts, and to have the vehicle painted...I was constantly trying to get him to complete the job with no luck...I paid for all the work that was done ..excuses were constantly made about the paint, it wasn't right he said he kept sending it back, then the paint guy had a wreck and was out a long time...excuse after excuse...he had the vehicle all this time and if any other work was done I was not notified or told that I owed 2009 i sent 2100.00 dollars part he told me were for floor panels that were rusted out...still at that time no mention of any other work or money I owed...and still no car...I finally found another man who could finish the restoration...I called the mechanic and told him I wanted to have it picked up...he resisted and stated we have had a long term relationship (from years ago when he worked on another car of mine and to give him the opportunity to finish..reluctantly I did...more time went by and in aug of 2010 my partner was indicted and things went on hold...her indictment was for 2011 he called me and said the company she embezzeled from had contatced him and was trying to get my car...I had nothing to do with any of her legal issues and my attorney proved at the time that this car was solely mine and had nothing to do with my partner...this is the last i heard about it...more time went by and the attorney told me not to put anymore money into it until i knew there would be no civil suit against this point he had it for about 7 years and no word from him no work done on it that I was told...this was the last i heard anything...i contatced him the other day to go ahead and get the car finished once and for all...he said the company my partner worked for had sued him for the car..can they sue him for a car that is not titled to him? anyway he said they sued him and he had attorney fees..ect none of this was i ever told about...he said he had to put a lein on the car because he had no money from me since 2009,,,why would I pay him when no work was done and i was not told any work was done..the last time he called me for money was for the floor panels in 2009...nor was i ever aware of a lein or a lawsuit...i think he is lying but he said he had to sell my car and all the stuff because of them suing him to cover costs...none of this makes sense to me...did he have alegal right to sell my car without ever calling me asking me to pay anything and not telling me he was being sued? i never heard another word...what can i do legally to get my car back...i even had the title and tag for it registered last year and in my name placing it in a revocable living!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.

none of this makes sense to me.

Me neither, as the expression goes. Generally speaking, the guy who sold the car would have to have given a title to someone, and the only way I think he could have gotten the title would be through a mechanics lien sale. You would have to have been given notice of that sale though and apparently you were not. You may be able to sue the mechanic for the lost value of the car and/or the current possessor of the car to have it returned to you. I can offer you the opportunity for a direct telephone conference via a premium service offer, if you need more detailed information than this. If that is what you wish to do, simply click on the I accept button with the offer of premium service. Otherwise, you can rate my answer here and continue with a follow-up question or two.