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I am being sued in small claims court for $2500 deposit

Customer Question

I am being sued in small claims court for $2500 for a deposit received on a horse that she says I have breached contract.
I did not breach it and as well, she has now gone and torched my life, with my landlord, the county code office, my trainer and my farrier and cost the ranch over $2500 in revenues a month.
She is interfering with my landlord tenant contract and has already lost me my trainer and did not purchase my horse and broke the contract further by giving false information to the sheriff and tried to remove my horse from the property before he was paid for.
It has upset me so badly that I had to seek a EEG and it was bad and they wanted to take my license. I had to do 10 neuro feedback sessions and brain mapping and then take another EEG to even keep my license
It has been horrible. I have nearly run out of money now and my landlord and I are not really speaking. He has not kicked me off the ranch but I have nearly run out of money, the horse is still not sold and he is costing over $1200 a month to keep in training, food, farriering, supplements and board.
I want to cross complain but cannot find proper forms for this and the case is being heard on Monday. My lawyer is worried about me and told me to just shine her on and just show the judge that I owe her nothing back and just move on. But so far, I am out $6000 on the horse, $3000 already in neuro feedback ( I need about 10 more sessions to feel normal again), $10,000 in lost revenues on the ranch as well as have had to sell things very cheaply to be able to stay here long enough to at least get my horse sold first. IF I lose my ranch now that I am broke, I will have no where to go and no place to keep the horse until he is sold. HE is a $10,000 horse at this point until the season comes back in in May. She further damaged me by having the sheriff come here with a hauler saying she had a right to remove him from my ranch when I was not here and had not given her permission to move him without full payment
What do I do. Does not feel right that she gets to just walk away. I see damages overall about $50,000.
Thanks. Case comes to hearing on Monday March 7. It is small claims court and the limit is $10,000 Not sure what to do.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 1 year ago.

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