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How much would it cost to have a supoena sent to YELP

Customer Question

How much would it cost to have a supoena sent to YELP (Yellow Pages Online) to release name and date of fraudulent ad? The Mask (new owner's name for The Costume Closet) sold to Laura Bedora in 2009..who did not change the name for maybe a year or so....but when she (or they...the seller, my sister, Jo***** *****) put the new ad on Yelp right under "The Mask"Drama is Out of Business." This was a lie. They each had called and asked to turn the bookstore back in...Bedora's payments to my sister were $6000/mr
including the building and business. But payments were often behind. Laura also leased another building in Taylorsville and consistently the 738 E. 3900 S. location did the best volume, but she was over-extended, apparently. I think my sister was trying to help boost her income. She (Jo***** *****) has very advanced Parkinson's with Dementia and Bi-polar. (I took her to Dr. Stephan office at U Hospital for a check up, asked him why the 3-4 nites without sleep, and he said, "That's her bi-polar." Anyway, she is not a
very responsible nor ethical person, family regards ***** ***** I do not wish to sue but she
took my small supplemental income volume down from a high of $14,000/yr gross hr to $313/yr 2014...and I could not figure out why until I saw the ad on Yelp.
Now the IRS wants to know when I quit my "mail order/online" business. There was no income in 2015. I have called Brighton Bank for a complete record of the business account for both 2014 and 2015.
The records should arrive in the mail today or tomorrow. My website,
was accidentally totally cancelled by Chelsey Shaw when she attempted to cancel only on leg of it, saying I had enough online credit left to pay for another full year without
any additional expense. So, there has been only a white screen ever since.
Both JoAnn and Laura had called to ask me to turn the failing business back to them
at no cost, "because it is doing so poorly." I had a $3400 credit due me from my sister and served a six-month apprenticeship full time in that shop in 2004 before it was turned over to me. I was inexperienced at online sales out of the home and reluctant to ever consider the transfer, but she insisted. Now, I have been forced out of business and I want to have answers for the IRS as to WHEN I "shut down" the business.
My vindictive sister has a renter who is an computer genius, unemployed former drug dealer who trades computer services for his rent. She sent him to help me "because you are having so many computer problems." (which I had not even discussed with her.)
He came twice. Warned me, "There are a thousand ways to get into a computer without a password. Always totally shut down - even to the wall - when you are not using your
computer, because then "No one can get into your computer." Perhaps he did not know
just what she had in mind as yet? (Matt Creel, still living in a basement room at her house. 4125 S. 1045 E., SLC 84117. He has no car, no driver's license, is about 45 years old. I trusted him, but paid out over $600 to PC Laptops during 2014 for removal of Trojan Viruses, other damages. Even after the website was accidentally closed totally
at Chelsey Shaw, personal hackings have removing keepsake photos,
placing one on Facebook (elder brother, high school sweetheart and me). Very embarrassing since I am nearly eighty two and would not do same, at least with no explanation. The title of the picture only remains in my Picasa folder. I hate having my privacy invaded on top of the "fraudulent" ad. I cannot afford $150-200 attorney fees for the supoena Yelp requires to release relevant dates, names. And my sister is bent on continuing to plague me. I no longer go to home to even visit, nor do I return calls seen on caller ID because she does NOT STOP her viscious invasions/hackings.
Please advise me (1) if you can send the supoena to YELP and (2) the cost that may be involved. Also, I do not want to get, nor can I afford to hire an attorney to order my sister, Jo***** *****, and/or THE MASK owner, Laura Bedora, to KEEP OUT OF MY COMPUTER. A friend did help me get a re-conditioned laptop thinking this might keep
her and Matt Creel out of my computer.
Thank you, ***** ***** Vesta St.Clair, 451 East Stonehedge Dr. #2B, SLC, 84107
(age 81). Vesta St.Clair - Former owner of Hansen Drama BookStore (online:,***** #2B, SLC 84107. (###) ###-####
Sister and original owner, Jo***** ***** 4132 S. 1045 E., SLC 84117 (###) ###-####
My only income now (after 20 years sub-teacher and caregiver) totals $740.00 (after Social Security takes about $95/mo) and I will be 82 come May 7, 2016. Have spinal osteo arthitis, multiple auto-immunes, damaged liver. Cannot continue as I have done all along and so counted on the BookStore income to supplement SS and SSI. Please advise if you can help me or just what I should do, please. Thanks again.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you for contacting us. This is Dwayne B. and I’m an expert here and looking forward to assisting you today. If at any point any of my answers aren’t clear please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Also, I can only answer the questions you specifically ask and based on the facts that you give so please be sure that you ask the questions you want to ask and provide all necessary facts.

We don't actually perform legal services for individuals, it is prohibited by the terms of the website. I can discuss this issue with you and explain what happens and why, as well as what all goes into the issuing of a subpoena if that is sufficient or I can opt out and open this back up.

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