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I filed a police dept complaint (misconduct including

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I filed a police dept complaint (misconduct including harassment and racial/disability discrimination)with internal affairs, town board and committee wih disabilities for the town the chief called wanting to talk no one ack in writing receipt of complaint town board and committee on disabioities referred me to the chief found there is a American with disabilities coordinator after the fact he was given complaint over 30 days ago still has not provided any feedback sought legal advice lawyers would not assist
Do to these stance and my fear for my disabled adult son who was pulled over and harassed for something he did not do I told Chief I would meet after investigation of complaint then I found out that they had a formal process which my complaint was not handled through but the Chief sent me a letter saying the investigation was completed
So given that I had no one to assist me and I feared for my son I took my son in to meet with the Chief who also had a Captain in the meeting although he started the meeting with a statement that this meeting had nothing to do with the investigation that was separate at various stages he brought issues from the complaint up making contrary statements about my allegations some I responded to some I did not my position was that I had present documentation to support my allegations with my complaint
I also sent a complaint to the dept of justice advising them I did not believe the police dept was handling my complaint properly have not heard from them
However I am second guessing my going into this meeting as being detrimental to my case and my son please advise what I have done and going forward what should I do given that it has been very difficult to get legal assistance also what damage have been done by speaking with the chief he did state they believe it was my son no one has id him but they do not see him as a threat (my son has no record and is very friendly and harmless)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Attorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Welcome and thank you for your for your question. Can you tell me the State that that your question pertains to? What are you describing is a violation of a person's civil rights. I am pleased that you filed a complaint with the Department of Justice as that is one option. The best resource is at the State level as well as contacting a civil rights attorney. If you can tell me the State that this occurred in I can provide you with a link for attorneys in the area that handle these matters and provide free consultations.

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