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I was involved in two back-back accidents within 5 weeks in

Customer Question

I was involved in two back-back accidents within 5 weeks in 03 and 04, 2000. The first of which was a serious, WCC (broken wrist, knee surgery and head/neck/back injuries and 5 weeks later was rear ended, while trying to make a right turn from a side street onto Rt. 210 in MD. I sought council, who disappeared with much of more than 200 clients, me included. The last time I went to his office, which was yellow taped only to learn that Stephen T. Conrad of Woodbridge, VA ran with our money and in my case never showed for the Worker's Comp. hearing; hence they closed my case. By then, 12-31-2002, was fired from my beloved place. My boss dated the doc. on Dec. 28th, although it was dated 12-31-02. I had just overcome cancer and had my last chemo in Jan. 02 (two months before the accidents). For two years I made it on savings and even had to deplete my son's (then only 10 yrs. young) college fund for us to survive. I am a fighter and thought I was going be OK and return to work and in my line of duty I was a bilingual Patent and Trademark Assistant, although by trade I am a PA and worked for the U.S. Military Police for almost 13 yrs. prior to coming here from Germany I even had to pay for my own meds. Approx. $42K in meds alone. By 2004 I was broke and put in for State Disability, which the work one did not cover for no explainable reason. In less than two month, I was granted 100% Disability, after undergoing extensive exams by their doctor. I even tried returning to work, but the head injury literally turned me into a "mumbling, stuttering mess" and my doctor (Professor of Neurologist and teacher at DC's biggest well known hospital, Dr. Janati, who also ended up in Federal Prison along with his wife, who did the billing and they were charged for Medicare/Medicaid fraud they supposedly committed over a number of years. My parents, who always were going to retire here (mainly to be by their only grandchild) had already opened a checking account and my father had opened an MMA for their start in their new home, but because I was the one with the SSN and physical address had to be on their accounts. I never touched the MMA for 8 yrs and when I, after 2 years (93-94) was granted Medicaid from Medicare, after two ladies from the DSS paid me a visit and immediately got me into Medicaid. In November of 94 I received a letter stating that all remained as is and there was no need for more exams; however, a month later I was audited and asked to provide all of my financial statements. In good faith I had my son retrieve the newest statements he also provided them with my parents account and within a short time later I received a phone call from DSS telling me that my Medicaid was to stop at once and I had to pay back $104K, plus $4,655 for EBT, who are harassing/threatening me. I did not tell those ladies who filled out paperwork for me, about my parents account(s) But it was not my money! I never even knew about the MMA until my son came from Suntrust bank and showed it to me. In the mean time, my father passed from renal cancer and organ failure. My Mom, had to have quad bypass surgery and undergo two knee replacement She is currently suffering from COPD. I became completely bedbound by 2007. I try to walk but fall and that puzzled every doctor until one doctor (after two hospital stays) said it is simply the excruciating pain that made me pass out. I am on some of the strongest medication, and one of my medications is the strongest pain killer on the market. But once I was put on Lyrica for the Fibro in it's worse form w/all 18 trigger points being positive, I lost all of my teeth. There is so much more to this, having to be charged by the DMS, after a telephone hearing between DMS, the DSS & their accountants, neither of which were prepared properly. The DMS lady was being very understanding, but by the time I finally received my reply with "Unintentional Fraud". I became severely depressed and so ashamed, as I DID NOT do anything wrong, and the thought that the DSS could not work this out with me but rather went to the highest agency, the DMS. Unfortunately, the answer did not come more than 1/2 year late and I was informed that the lady who held the hearing was no longer available and replaced by a gentleman, whom I could hardly understand. Yet, he made his decision from paperwork and I could not even get another attorney, because as soon as they heard the name Conrad, they declined helping. Please, I am begging you, help me. I am alone w/o any help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
I am afraid that you are going to need to file another appeal and get an in person hearing and bring your mother into the hearing to testify as to how the MMA was your parent's money and they put it under your name because you had the SSN. This is the only real option to try to get this reimbursement changed. You really should get a new attorney to represent you on this appeal, even though I know you had a prior bad experience with another attorney. You can get a credible and qualified attorney at the same sites used by other attorneys, or
If you lose your appeal hearing, then you have grounds to file in court to vacate the reimbursement by proving to the court the money was not your money it was put into your name without your knowledge and again you need your mom to testify about doing so.
These are your only options here or they will continue to pursue the debt from you and would continue to deny you benefits.