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I was chatting with an allege minor didn't know he was. He

Customer Question

I was chatting with an allege minor didn't know he was. He sent me video and we discussed meeting. I received a message that I solicited a minor....what do I do. I've never been in trouble b4..
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

Hi and welcome to JA. Ray here to help you today.

You need to destroy your pc here and get a new one.This has potential evidence that you do not want around here.You likely have a virus here rather than law enforcement.Law enforcement generally comes knocking on your door to arrest you, they don't email you.For your protection I suggest physically destroying current pc and hard drive and by this I mean burning it up or otherwise completely destroying it so it may not be used against you by law enforcement.Once you do this and get a new pc you should be fine.

You really cannot trust a pc repair to change out the hard drive, you never know who might report you, I kn ow its harsh but without the pc it would be real hard here for anyone to make a case against you.You do this immediately so that law enforcement cannot seize it by warrant or search.If you have the skills to change out the hard drive yourself this is an option assuming you then destroy the hard drive and install a new one.

I really think this will resolve the matter.It is highly unlikely this was law enforcement they don't operate this way but malware does.But destroying the pc or at least the hard drive is the best protection.And make sure you literally destroy it so it cannot be reconstructed.This should be the end of it here hopefully.

I am so sorry you had this happen, please let me know if you have more follow up.Thanks again.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It was a text message I received sir not an email
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not a PC
Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

Again it was likely a virus.If it appeared on your phone here as a text time for a new phone.You want to eliminate the chips that would implicate you.I think it was a scam here but you want to be real careful.Getting w new phone here and getting rid of this one makes it very hard for them to track you here.You may want to change your number as well and start fresh.There is a very real possibility you were scammed but you never know.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

Again a new phone and new number here are in order to distance yourself from these guys.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

This sounds like blackmail or scammers, they are probably both.But make some changes here , this should protect you from these guys and any claims.You never know they might involve law enforcement.Really text messages disappear after 30 days or so , with new phone and some time here, this should resolve it.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

You were set up here no doubt.Thanks again for letting me help you today.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

I wish you the best.I think a new number here and phone resolves this matter and some time.Thanks again and sorry you had this happen here.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

If you can positive rate here it is much appreciated.Take care now.