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I kept having problems with my computers being compromised.

Customer Question

I kept having problems with my computers being compromised. After a couple years of buying new ones and telling att that I think someone is on my line. I found that my land line had 2 wires going into it. After getting the phone company to re-hook it up they stated that my neighbor had a line in my box. He has his own box and all the wiring was not up to code and they wouldnt of done that. Then my neighborI told law enforcement lies about me. Since then their has been people over there monitoring me when they were gone. Local undercover police continually follows me arouned. The police academy has me as 1st priority for their live training. For the first year they had 4 cars wait at the convienence store down the road. When I pulled out they went 3 different directions and one waited to see where I went. I have had 20-30 tracking programs on my phones and computers. My vehicles have GPS's Law enforcement was monitoring my own surveillance system through the smart TV's WiFi. They broke into my house on several occasions. Trimmed all vegetation down to 4 ' making the house visible from any angle. Broke my gate opener and window. I just found that my new desktop is loaded with lots of junk that I cant uninstall now. It didn't have speakers so they remotely programed my tvs speakers and mic to work with their monitoring programs. And many more incidents. All of this is because of my disgruntled neighbor that continues to tell lies about me because when I built my shop he didn't get his way of having it tore down. He has cost me lots of money and turned many people against me. Something has to change. The neighbor has been very quiet since Ive been messing with the phone line. It seems like he's wondering if I'm gonna do anything about it. What can I do? Its supposed to be a federal offence messing with someones utilities.
Thank You
Brent Hayes
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 1 year ago.

Hello Brent

This is Samuel and I will address this and provide you information in this regard.

I am sorry to hear of this matter. I suggest that sometimes the local police are not equipped to handle these type of situations. And so you should consider bringing this to the attention of the FBI as they are the federal agency who would investigate and the Department of Justice would bring those Federal charges. If you use this LINK you can locate a nearby FBI office based on your zip code and you can discuss this with them.