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Asad Rahman
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My boyfriend is in jail he told s family to give me the keys

Customer Question

My boyfriend is in jail he told his family to give me the keys to his house and garage. Prior to his incarnation we lived together between his home and mine. During the week Ayden (his son) and I stayed at my home because he was in school. Will stayed at the farm since he ran his trucking business from there. On the weekends Ayden would join him at the farm or Will would come to my house because I would have to work. Will has repeatly told his parents to turn the keys over to me yet they refuse to do so. O
On the advise of my attorney had Will sign over to me in a general power of attorney the control of his property and all of his assets, etc. Even though we have gone to this extent they still have not given me the keys. My attorney told me to remove the locks because they could do nothing to stop me. Upon gaining entry I discovered numerous item of his personal property missing. Such as two Harley Davidson motorcycles, 1999 extended cab Chevy pickup, a 3piece 6" craftsman toolbox and many more items of value from the garage. From the house some of the items included but not limited to the 54" flat screen t.v. , collector semi trucks photos and the contents of the China cabinet in the dinning area. There were no signs of forced entry and every deadbolt ,window lock and door lock were secure. Will has sent them messages telling them to return these items yet they will not reply. What can we do. We are in the process of moving everything to my house so we can rent the farm out because he does not want to return there when he is released. He wants to know if he can press charges if they do not return his property.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

That is really unfortunately. You should notify the police and possibly file a claim in civil court for theft and trespassing. Perhaps the threat of criminal or civil liability will force them to comply with the request to return everything. Since the overall cost of the items is kind of high, I do not think it would qualify for small claims court.