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My sisters husband was murdered by s own brother after he

Customer Question

My sisters husband was murdered by his own brother after he attempted to get his brother who was staying at their parents house and doing drugs out of the house before the parents returned from a vacation. My sisters husband went into the house and got into an altercation with his brother K. K apparently had a gun and my sisters husband J took it from him, went and put it into his truck. When he came back into the house the brother k had went upstairs and retrieved a 22 rifle. When J came back in K fired twice,missing once and killing J on the second shot. Apparently the police made mistakes and now the defendent k who has no money is receiving attorney help by a well known and great attorney while my sisters husbands case is being handled by a new lawyer with little experience appointed by the state. It is my knowledge that the murder weapon is missing even though the police had seen it. Also, they tested J and found alcohol in his system yet there are no records of any testing for drugs and alcohol for k. my sister is scarred to be alone with her two kids knowing k had been a dealer and others may seek revenge on her if she testifies. the court hearing started today and I feel my sister is not getting good support. as if the state knows they made mistakes with how they handled the case and evidence therefore k somehow has a great attorney and my sisters or J has someone with not much experience. the concern is K will get off on self defense due to the lack of evidence and the poor police work that had been done at the seen and not even arresting the witness whom was the girlfriend of k. How can I get my sister some help without he paying so she knows if she really needs a better lawyer for herself and her kids.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LegalKnowledge replied 1 year ago.

Good morning. Just to be clear, the only involvement your sister has with this case is that she was listed as a witness for the State and was subpoenaed to testify against her ex brother in law, K? Also, if she was not present, what is she going to testify to?

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