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I Got a telemarketing license some one who was supose to

Customer Question

I Got a telemarketing license some one who was supose to buy my license used my license with out my knowledge and lets put it this way abuse it ,I find out they used my license when federal commissioner came to my business ,I have aprove that they used it with out my concent ,How ever in the begining they were going to drop me out of the case but then they send me something that to me is a punishment not drop and asking me to sign ,what they are asking me is crazy like i can not help othere for sale I talk to them as i do sale properties they agree to take some part in order out also they put stuff like for 20 years I have to report any activity in my life to them and if i sign the order I dont have right to ever open case against them ot thier employers and if i do something they find out and forget to report they have a right to take me to court and atumaticaly I am guilty .should i sign it or not

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


The problem with your question above and your present situation is that none of the lawyers here at Just Answer can assess and analyze your situation unless we review the actual "charge or charges" against you and we review the proposed agreement that your attorney and the government / plaintiff have been working on in your case. While we do not charge a "fortune" for such services (as you described your own attorney doing), there would be additional charges for us to review these materials and to make some suggestions to you and then there is no guarantee that the answers we provide to you will be that much different from the answers that you have already received outside of the website. However, I will ask our customer service department to send you an Additional Services Offer (Document Review) with the Just Answer cost for such charges and you can decide whether or not you want to proceed with us at Just Answer on a review of your materials and some suggestions and possible alternatives for you to consider.