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What do I do I'm this situation? I was on the dating site

Customer Question

What do I do I'm this situation? I was on the dating site plenty of fish when a girl who's page said she was 18 messaged me. We talked for a bit then the next day she sends me her number to text her and talk more. I text her we talk and set up a meeting kind of. I Gave directions to the street down the road from where I live. We then texted a little more she sent photos of herself nude well idk if it was really her there's no face in the picture. Then she finally tells me she's only 15. I didn't talk to her anymore but apparently she thought we were still going to meet. Today i received a phone call from her father sayi g he's going to press charges for statutory rape because his daughter took his vehicle and crashed it into there garage and found my number in her phone. So he wanted to call and see if I was a pedophile or just some guy who made a mistake. He decided instead of contacting authorities that I I pay for the damages to his vehicle and the garage door that he would drop the whole thing. I am not sure what to do. He did sound legitimate and all but still I don't know but I am also scared to get a charge. I have found online that this same number has contacted multiple men with the same situation so it seems like it is a scam but I am not sure what to do. He has been texting me to tell him how much I can offer him and I have been evading the question but I am not sure what to do
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


This is nothing more than a blackmail scam, which we have heard many times on this site. Here's how the scam works:

You think you're communicating with someone of age and then you learn the person is a minor when you get a call from a so-called irate parent who asks you for money.

We actually see this situation fairly often because there are predators who hang out in chat rooms and on dating sites, just to set people up for extortion. But you can't give in to blackmailers. If you do, the money fo so-called car repairs will only be the first installment, and you'll be paying off these thieves for the rest of your life.

Blackmail is a crime, and you don't want to allow anyone the power to control your whole life. Do not send any money. Cease all contact with these people and block them so that they can have no further contact with you. They are only trying to extort money from you and when they won't be able to manipulate you, they will likely move on to someone else they can intimidate. You never met or had sex with this person, so the idea that you could be charged with statutory rape is pretty preposterous.

In all the time we have seen this "Sextortion scam" we have never been informed by even one customer that the threat was carried out. To feel more safe, however, you can go talk to a local criminal lawyer. Let him or her see the texts you shared, because if it's favorable to your position, you can be proactive and report THEM to the police for fraud and extortion.