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I was put on 18 month probation after pleading to a

Customer Question

I was put on 18 month probation after pleading to a methamphatamine posession charge. Within the first month my P..O. said that I had lied to her and that I had to turn myself in at the jail within an hour. I was on crutches and told her I had just seen my doctor and that I needed to have daily I.V. antibiotics and medical treatments and that I was at risk of having to have my leg amputated if the Mersa Infection I had was not controlled. Also my doctor said the potential to expose other inmates and jail professional staff should be considered. My P.O. either did not believe me or she had no concern for my physical well being. I called my doctor and he called my P.O. which resulted in my P.O. telling me that I did not have to turn myself in and to follow my doctors advise. She was clearly angry and said I should not have called my doctor and should have done as she said. She asked if I would give my permission to talk to my doctor about my probation details. I said she could discuss my medical condition only but I did not want the specific details of my legal issues discussed with my doctor. I had told my doctor that I was on probation as result of a D.U.I. and obviously I would not want to have this be made part of my permanent medical recodds. I also believe that many people are critical of Meth users and dont take them as seriously as people not believed to be involved with Meth. I am not a user of Meth and did not was no be believed to be a person who has any such involvements. I did not want this to define me or change how i was accepted to be. Some time later I felt my doctor was not acting as I recalled from past appointments. After explaining my concerns experiencing some irregular pain in the area of my heart I was told that I was likely not feeling welll because I do Meth. My condition was not given consideration i felt I should have been given. I was angry and embarassed. I asked to be given a rapid U.A. test for Meth immediately and I took it and I proved to not using. My doctor appologised for his behavior and explained that my P.O. said I was convicted of Meth Posession and abuse Meth. I feel she acted out of anger for feeling I disrespected her or possibly userped her authority but for whatever reason she violated my rights of this most fundamental descriptions of H,I,P,A, law purposes. I am treated differently for what my P.O.said about me. I had hoped for this not to affect me in a negative way if I could avoid it. I feel my P.O.acted unprosessionally and want her to be held accountable for her actions. Do I have the basis to take legal action? What can I do legally? If yes, how to I begin the process?
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LegalKnowledge replied 1 year ago.

Good morning. I certainly understand the situation and your concern. Just to be clear, you agreed to allow your PO and Doctor to speak? If so, you shared that you were on probation for possession of meth?