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Need to look up some video's in LA California to proof owner

Customer Question

Need to look up some video's in LA California to proof owner of document, Heritage,Noteried By Arnold Swartseniger,A repeat as soon as I get the phone# ***** the document I can call the Bank in Bakersfield and find out who is Imbeseling the will The proof of document is on the hard drive of an under cover dodge/the dash camI held the documents up in front of the dash cam in 2006,on Richmond st, Californis,/ west Grand. the 8th 9th or 10th month,second saterday of the month,around 5,00 pmI am the benificieairy of a very important Wil.Both of my grandparents have ben diseased for 3 years AND longer.My left handed fingerprints were loged into a plasma PALM scanner when it started contract 2006,Opend account July 9th 2002,check Law in the MONEY book Pages 66-69,Pleasetape recording inside that bank,Account # ***** ***** the back of the check that I rote 2002,and I had the bank hold on to the check from community first bank,Lapine Oregon 97739.NOW IS SAWBI,INS through American bankers and life Miammie FLORIDA,My cell phone wont be active until next month(###) ###-####. Held the pages up with one hand and shaded them with the other.Would like to set up an appointment for early next month for a walk through.EL Segundo Blvd,/N Sebullvida,NE corner 18th floor,south E,at the Raythieon Bank the day befor the fence was finished,walked through Vaintienose PIZZA acrost parking lot and in to the bank,Had to go to Bakersfield to get Noteried IN person.Their was an outdoor ampathiater,I really need to find out how much they took me for,one the autieo tape their is login info to a click bank account,and password.With the IP address I in tend to dig up every Internet stock I Bough on line Between 2003 and 2007 appl stock publishers clearinghouse winning 7 thousand a week legeasy 2005 my address 777 college pk dr,sw space 72,Oakview Terice MFH park 97322. Shaun Troy Sink ODL(###) ###-####Temperairely suspended Pre Payed Leagle services account was worth 2.3 Million in 2007.Police report,58 st Portland Oregon,Richard Lebuss,Marla Jackson,Corvaliss Oregon,Less Nichols,pattie Nichols southern corvaliss of Hyway 99 to Eugeen, and*****EL Segundo CALIFORNIA. *********** or *************
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question.
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