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An online friend (Helena Acquah) has sold her inheritance

Customer Question

An online friend (Helena Acquah) has sold her inheritance and wishes me to receive $4,320.00. . This is what has been sent to me ...
The head of operations of our bank Mr Samuel Keeklon has assigned me to handle payment transactions authorized by one of biggest clients, Sheikh Abdul Shareen who, is the Group Chairman of Abdul Shareen Group from Dubai.
A total payment of $4,320,000 is to be transferred to you through our elite Corporate fund transfer platform. All that is needed at the moment is your bank account details. Then I will send an instruction to the treasury department.Jane Mahkta with the Halk Credit Union bank. -Group "chairman Sheikh Abdul Shareen himself has instructed for payment to you as stated in the power of attorney by Barr. Williams that you are the one to receive all full payments. We have instructed our bankers, Halk Credit Union Bank, in Malaysia ( to liaise with you for payment processing into your preferred bank account. "It is stated they are sending paperwork to the US treasury department". My question is am I allowed to receive this ? Second is this concidered a gift?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


What this is, is an advance fee fraud. The only thing you're going to be doing is to give your bank account details to scammers, and the only thing you're going to get back in return is robbed.

There is no such bank in Malaysia as Halk Credit Union Bank. The Malaysian Government provides a list of all of the banks in Malaysia and this one is not on it.

The site is a dummy website -- set up to look like a bank by the scammer -- but it's simply to fool you into thinking its legitimate. The site's WHOIS shows that it was created on September 24, 2015 -- so it's less than 4 months old. It will expire in 8 more months and vanish into cyberspace along with any hope of you finding these people. The site's IP address traces to the US and not to Malaysia and the site owner is using a private proxy service to hide his identity and real location. You can see this for yourself by going to and running the "bank's" WHOIS information.

The US Treasury has nothing to do with the distribution of inheritances.

I assume Helena Acquah is a romance scammer, since her name is ***** ***** the web with other romance scams. in any case, even if she's not, cease all contact with her and anyone else related to this so-called inheritance. Don't send any of these folks any money and keep your bank details to yourself.

If you have given out your bank details contact your bank, ASAP, close your account and open a new one. Take precautions against Identity Theft and report this fraud to the FBI at, their online Internet Crime Complaint Center.