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I lived in Texas ,in 1985 ,arrested to a child. red a

Customer Question

I lived in Texas ,in 1985 ,arrested for injury to a child. hired a lawyer,got 5 years probation ref. adjud. Paid all my fines / fees.In 1991 husband beat me,my 3 children and I in shelter,I called my P.O. told him situation and that Iwas going to take my kids to Ohio live with my parents. He said for me to stay there. 1993 /94, Texas came got me for P.V. My P.O. denied talking to me,so I spent 28 days in jail in Ohio,then 2/3 months in houston jail, then they sent me to a place for parenting classes for month or two, when released I was allowed to transfer to Ohio . I was on parole till 1998 think, they asked I told them my fees and fines were ALL PAID IN TEXAS. that was first here ,so they got tired of me here asked Texas to release me no response for years,Finally in 98 they release me. oops now all sudden Ohio wants money for past years on parole. My P.O. told me there were circumstances didn't have to pay. One was if I paid child support , which I was. Well for some reason OHIO DECIDED I DIDN'T QUALIFY . I STILL HAD TO PAY ALL THAT MONEY. After being on parole almost 15 years [1st. time arrested,] my P.O. released me,BUT....Told me legally my fees were to be paid before he did, Not my fault all the years they didn't have me pay, BUT>>>someday Gov. might take out of my pay or taxes. Well now there taking my tax refunds . My question,ANYTHING I CAN DO STOP THIS ? Are they legally right? P.O. office wouldn't talk to me back then.I feel this shouldn't even of happened. Texas should of released me years before I left [was coming back P.O. told me to stay here].
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 1 year ago.


This is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.

How long - from what years to what years - were you under supervision in Ohio? Because that is what they are collecting. It is not your fines from the conviction that you paid in Texas. What you are discussing are supervision fees and Ohio can impose those for the years your supervision was transferred to Ohio from Texas.