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I would like to know who do you report a harassment

Customer Question

Customer: I would like to know who do you report a harassment restraining order violate to, by Petitioner? This is regarding a "letter of Accusation" This is about adultery between then husband and married co-worker. I sent the letter to their Supervisor. A few days later, I jokingly said to husband, that I had a lawyer and he had a friend that was an investigator, that would do pro bono work. Husband, abruptly left said he 'needed to get a coffee pot" for work, took the cell phone with him. hEI had sent to
JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?
Customer: Oops! returns in twenty minutes with coffee pot. I leave and about an hour later, he sends a text message and saids, he's tracking my phone. Ten minutes later, I get a call from the Sheriff's Dept. wanted to serve me and HRO. Obviously, he contacted co-worker and informed her of what I had said, about me finding out info about both of them. That prohibited me from finding out any info at all. I contested and asked for a hearing, I could not afford an attorney or investigator. A couple months later, I stupidly violated it, by sending a text message. "I was so tired of the lies, her coming to our home, calling our home. I actually pitied her, and sent this message, while drinking and completely forgot about it, until I got a call the next day, from Sheriff's Dept. I was arrested, after remembering and admitting to sending the text. Spent three days in jail, first time offense in my life! I did not know the co-worker, but, seen her for the first time in person a few weeks after the HRO was filed, I had seen her employee picture at her place of work, a few weeks before the HRO was filed. She knew right away who I was immediately, and I Knew who she was. She briefly looked at me, then husband (his back was turned, so he did not see her." She left. I call establishment the following Monday to see if they would have video of her being there, they had me speak to their attorney and he said, that the camera's were random and she might not be on them. Ten days later, I called 311 service to discuss her HRO violation and had told them, I was going to have a legal intake in a few days, so they had me wait until I had the intake. I still had no representation for the HRO Hearing, but had the county attorney for the HRO Violation Hearing. At the HRO Hearing, Petitioner changed her identity. She had changed her hair, from a light/med brown to blonde and after noticing how much weight she gained in two months, was unbelievable. She would not look at me or my son, she would put her head down. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to say to the judge that "I don't know who she is." But, I went on the premise of seeing her employee work picture and seeing her in person for the first time. I later realized that she was wearing a wig and a bodysuit/fat suit. I had to plead guilty, I wanted to have a trial, but I had no representation. So, I've been on a Stay of Adjudication/probation for just about a year. After the hearings, I had a legal intake and discuss the courtroom hearing situation with attorney and was told to get a criminal lawyer. I tried, but could not afford. A couple months after, I temporarily stayed at our family residence, and she would come there, and make herself known - that she was there! I documented all incidences, have been trying to find someone to help me. Contacted Innocence Project, they only do incarcerations. And was advised again, to talk with an attorney. Called another attorney, and was told, I would need to have an investigation. I have reported those incidences at our family home to the appropriate county. But, they can only file them. Went to Probation office today and because my Stay of Adjudication ends next week, they don't handle this. I talked with Admin and they did not know, what I should do, or whom I should report these incidences to. I am looking into having this overturned and I need to have every documented before I do. Can you please, give me some suggestions. Note: I just mailed a copy of my paperwork and all notes to the ACLU, today.
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Customer: yes
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Attorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Have you tried to contact attorneys that provide pro bono assistance? Which state and county are you located in?