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You helped me last week with the answers to a question. Can

Customer Question

my name is***** and you helped me last week with the answers to a question .
Can you help me with the process I need to know what my first step is in pressing charges against him .
First let me tell you what he actually did .
He was a former employee of mine and un be known to me he was a heron addict.
He was at my home and stole my extra truck key from the extra key ring .
Next he took my vehicle went to the local area where addicts buy drugs and purchased heroin. After he drove off high as a kit he smashed into an other car and shortly after was arrested for hit an run and DUI. The police called me and told me to come get my vehicle .
I was abel to pay off the person that he hit and fix her car for her as not to make a big mess of this .
During that time he also stole money from a customer of mine by writing a up a deal on my contract and having the customer write the check directly to him. We are general contractors and do not want any press so luckily fot me the customer was nice enough to let me work it out for her .The solution was that I was to complete the job that he wrote up .His intent was to disappear knowing that he was going get fired anyway .
I found all this out due to the customer calling me and telling me what had happened .
I do have a copy of the false contract and a statement from her ,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.

Hi again,

Thank you for requesting me. There is only one way to get charges pressed against someone and that is to go to the police, report the crime, and let them know that you want the former employee prosecuted.

They will ask you questions about the incident, and you can tell them the facts as you know them and give them what proof you have. If they agree with you that there is enough evidence to believe that your employee may have been involved in criminal activity, they will put together a report and turn it over to the DA's office for prosecution. The DA would at some point reach out to you, because your testimony would eventually be needed to secure an indictment and again later on at hearings and trial.

And that's really it. It all starts with the police and they take it from there. Just make sure you let them know you want this person charged and held criminally accountable for what he did.