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My son, ***********, a nurse w/the Department of the

Customer Question

My son, ***********, a nurse w/the Department of the ****** 402nd forward surgical team in Afghanistan, is nearing the end of his 9 month deployment and will be traveling home to various airports around New England on or about the 29th of January 2016. He is requesting that his father, *********, a 100% Disabled Veteran of the Viet Nam War, be allowed or given access through the TSA security point to meet him at the gate on that day. The following is our son's detailed explanation of this request: "My father served our country for 9 years during the Vietnam War from 1962 through 1971. During that period he was deployed for 2 tours during which he returned only to face the vile and despicable behaviors of civilians in the airport. My father served his country honorably and was the recipient of the Bronze Star as well as other accolades. The issue of the treatment that returning Vietnam Vets endured echoes in this country's history, and I am requesting that the TSA be part of the healing process for one of its finest. Although I dearly miss my wife, my mother, and my children, I would like to walk the terminal with my father alone on that day. I appreciate your consideration in this matter and I am placing this letter of request in the custody of my mother to forward to the proper authorities. I can be reached at the following email address up to the end of my departure home on or about 29 January 1916: V/R ********* CPT, AN ATLS OIC 402nd FST FOB Fenty, Afghanistan" From ********Mom: Please forward an address / FAX number so I can forward **********letter to you. Thank You, ********(Email: *********

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal