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I own a house in Pa. It was the home my father was born and

Customer Question

I own a house in Elizabeth Pa. It was the home my father was born and raised in. been in my family for over eighty years. anyway I live in Oklahoma and Pa is along ways from here. some old friends of the family wanted to buy the house so we talked and I decided to sale them the home on a 10 year lease purchase. they were responsible for all taxes insurance and any and all maintance on the home. they were to pay 500 a month for ten years and then id sign the deed over after ten years. everybody agreed so we signed the lease. well back in feburary I never received any money for the house. tried to call never no answer. march came still no money not even march payment still calling no answer. well I finally got a call from the Elizabeth borough telling me that the river came up and they were doing a search of houses around the nabor hood to make sure everyone was ok and they discovered issues with the plumbing and elect. in my house. I told them I have a lease with the tenants of the home that its there responsibility to maintain the home that they were buying. anyways I ended up having to take off and go to Pa. never could get ahold of the tenants. so I get there the house was destroyed a total mess. plumbing cut electrical wires hanging and the tenants in middle of moving out. never would speak to me. or pay me any money. so I repaired all that was wrong and came back home. only to find out that they never paid the taxes on the home or the water bill that I'm now being sued over and the taxes that they want to take my house and sheriff sale. what are my rights
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.

Hi - my name is ***** ***** I'll be glad to assist.

If the tenants breached the agreement, you can sue them for that breach and seek damages for all of the unpaid rent and also for any expenses you've incurred or will incur due to the tenants' failures/breach.