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I need specific legal advice please. Not opinion but stated

Customer Question

I need specific legal advice please. Not opinion but stated laws or statutes that apply to this. Ca laws please. In another state, as a child my parents changed my last name without going to court to do it legally.
We moved to CA and I have used it as a adult for 20+ years.
I was told any lawsuits I filed against someone or any someone filed against me using this name my parents created arenot legal in the state of CA and can be thrown out because they are "not my "legal" name"... Is this true?
What about any cars or houses I have bought in CA using this name? Are they legally mine with this "name"?
My drivers license and SS number have both my birth name and my "fake" last name added together. Are they legal?
Who am I or better yet...what is my legal name if I have used this for this long?Born : Jane Doe
Changed to : ***** *****
I use: ***** ***** and Jane Doe SmithLegal? Who am I? What do I do if not?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Dear Customer,

Your past legal actions, property ownership, etc. are still valid (having multiple names does not void these transactions).

It is probably in your best interest to file for a legal name change to consolidate your names into the name that you choose to use. This is a relatively simple legal procedure in California:

It is important to have a consistent name for legal purposes - particularly when it comes to federal documents (such as your social security account, taxes, and similar information. You will want this information to match your driver's license, and state tax returns, as well as property ownership in the state.

Again, this is not a terribly difficult or time consuming task (plan on it taking about 2-6 months for all of the mailing back and forth with DMV, SSA, and other agencies to be completed once you have the name change completed with the court).

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