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When a judge has a conflict of interest such as working at

Customer Question

When a judge has a conflict of interest such as working at the company that is currently causing harassment issues after the death of my husband. Prinipils are using the legal system to constantly harass on the dirty side of legal and cause major problems for me.
Yet the legal system will never address their wrong doing. Where do I turn, I am a single mother, I have minor child. I thought people and govt agencies cared about raising a child after a parent passes not in this town
This small town area will never be fair and impartial or I would not be in this matter. I have to go in front of that judge to request a correct spelling of my name to collect social sec. My name is ***** ***** off and only a variation of the spelling it is the same name. I have used the variation spelling openly without any intent to defraud and not used to avoid debt I think my name mis spelled will be used to punish me. Social sec will not let me collect benefits for self and child because they say I must change a public doc first now that is only if the judge allows this. I can see were this is going already The judge worked at the company that has forged my name wrong on all tax returns prepared by them. the same company for years hid undisclosed C corp stock that I had rights despite me asking for information.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there -


Social Security ARE sticklers about using the correct name and will do things like this quite often. So, if I understand you correctly, you are going in front of this judge to simply grant an order to you confirming that your current legal name is "XXXXXXXXX" and there was a simple one letter misspelling at some point in the past - but going forward your name is ***** ***** will be spelled XXXXX. Is that the kind of court order you are seeking so that social security will accept it and you can begin receiving benefits for yourself and your child?


And you believe that the judge assisgned to the case will give you a problem with this request because of his past dealings with your husband and your husband's company?