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Well, I'm just another person born with mentally ill I mean

Customer Question

Well, I'm just another person born with mentally ill I mean if it was my choice I would have picked some thing else now if I say to you that I am 625 yrs.old then I am what is my point is that I don't make up sh...... what I say is exactly the truth so now you don't have to see if I will tell the same story buy beenen. Funny why it matters to me let's say I will spear you 8 pgs.of my bipolar disorder explaining.
Sorry . What my current and immediate civil issue I'm suffering from the unexpected and the unfortunate abuse of our system i am in fact a victim of JUSTICE so I bought a car because I was Given the opportunity to have the alcohol breath monitor put in the car now you have to get the car
To get the insurance to provide the DMV. Prove of insurance then they send a letter to inform that go ahead and install the equipment in the car so I'm not a good candidate to have this car in my driveway and not drive before the letter came in drove my mind is screwed up i to this day tell my therapist that I am more and more hopeless and confused every day how I was not able to get the people who were victims me no one would help me sorry but I'm not sure how much you can find the best way to fully help me with any thing it's all tied together so I am with pa,ranoian. So I drank to eas. My nerves as I was not supposed to be driving and it started to get dark and I when the speed past a police officer my credit is one of if you are not paying attention to the speed it's very easy to find your self go to fast but so I am in now it seems like the same thing all over it still am without any help my car the state want something to keep it after all I had lost from the unfortunate abuse in really really can't afford to lose the car is will be glad to have you ask sometime about the abuse for i am not going there today. So I go to court on DEC 9 for DWI the civil I will try to stay on point I don't appreciate and appligize. I had a court date for my car however I'm as my MMPI tests as in two MMPI test the results are scwed. Up like last am so one thing that is from. The test is i am not sure what to do when how where ETC..etc.. I am extremely besides my self because the simple fact is that I guess until you are a victim of the justice system there's no way to say that it would not be a issue that you can not sake lose from : you know what I mean : alright where was I believe I'm actually not doing to bad I just might be close to the end hope I was saying I'm so confused and I miss understanded when I was told that the civil matter will not be heard until the criminal matter was resolved the DWI , where I was thinking that because the criminal was not resolved when the civil. Matter I mean I can't think try this i expected the civil court date to be at a later date as the criminal matter was not resolved so as you can tell I miseed the civil court date so I percided. To ask for another corut. Date I was denied so I'm hoping for help to start with my car issues so sorry for whatever if this gets to anyone every body when they are done reading
Everyone has this response WHAT get it now my head. Hurts like you would not believe and I have not yet put any dates of when anything took place please help sorry feel free to contact me Roger B. Cell (###) ###-#### Minnesota THANKS for your time
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


I understand that you think you've been wronged by the system, but I'm not clear what your question is. Can you clarify? Do you have a lawyer for your December 9th court date? If not, why not?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
XXXXXXXXXX Roger I am not the intended
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
stupid f**k I will be expecting your superviser XXXXXXXXXX Roger. Today
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will be getting back my money and I am at XXXXXXXXXX Roger that is clear e