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I chose to move in with my mom from July of 2008 till she

Customer Question

I chose to move in with my mom from July of 2008 till she passed away in May of 2012, as she battled e-coli infections, MRSA staff, breast cancer and ended up in colon surgery with a colostomy bag....her $150,000 estate plan, that was drawn up with the
Jenkins-Glilchrest law firm in Dallas Texas over 18 months (2000-2001) had provisions to transfer.five properties into the O. C. Forrest, Jr Credit. Shelter Trust from my dad's estate....a family CPA from my hometown of Cleburne accompanied my mother and me
to Dallas on many of those trips, taking on a fiduciary role to assist her objectives....a lady friend of our family, who prepared some spreadsheets about my mom's expenses, etc, one day realized that only a vacation property in Vail, Colorado was ever transferred
, and we have the incomplete documents for the other of the mistaken properties was my mom's primary residence....when she passed away, I was to retain her home under my control as trustee, executor, etc to for my living arrangements, as my $320,000
home in Mansfield, Texas(with over 50 per cent equity) was foreclosed on by Freddie Mac with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage acting as agent...the reason I lost it was due to an illegal, but 'successful court process', executed by my older brother's lawyer-----who
also became the de facto anointed Mayor of my hometown of Cleburne the same month my mom passed away in May of 2012-----hat has blocked my access to a mega-million dollar income stream of Chesapeake gas royalties since January of 2010....eventually, the local
probate court issued orders to forcibly remove me from my mom's home, about 22 months later (March of 2014)....local law enforcement descended on her home, forcing me out with guns drawn, as I quickly grabbed a garbage bag to load several clothing items and
some shoes....I was on the street, having to survive in a ladyfriend's garage with portable heat and no plumbing...shortly thereafter, I was given word that a ranching son of a wealthy family would offer me shelter in an old house on his 1000 acre cattle
had no water for 6 weeks, was overrun with insects and a cricket invasion, was infested by mice and rats for the first year and surrounded by snakes...I killed 9 of 11 snakes just since the first week in June of 2015...recently, on July 4 , my 15 year old
dog and I were followed home by 5 month-old puppies that were dumped in the road not far from us...I tried to offer them on Facebook, explored so-called ' no kill' shelters and the, my 6-7 lb puppies, after 5 months are beautiful 25 Lb dogs....they
are controlling dangerous insects, mice and rats, and have intercepted the last 3 snakes I have had to kill...they are protecting the place (in a highly active meth area) and providing me exercise and comfort...all of a sudden, the ranch 'friend' decides they
are probably damaging his 'rent house', and wants them gone...I refused to credit has been ruined by the legal games executed against me...I need to reclaim my mom's home, before I get confronted with eviction or snakebit or my health fails....the
Jenkins- Gilchrest nationwide law firm folded tent in 2006 to avoid a $75 million fine for constructing overly-creative tax havens for wealthy clients...the two lawyers refused to stand behind their work, as they maintained the same office space, but NOW as
employees/partners? of a Hunton and Williams Law Firm.....what should I do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
The issue of concern for you I see here is you want to recover the house your brother managed to take during the 2012 action in court. Did you appeal that court judgment at the time it occurred, because there is a concrete time limit for you to have appealed and if you did not do so there is nothing you can do about that judgment?
Also, if there was legal malpractice committed by your own attorneys, again you had a 2 year statute of limitations from the discovery of their negligent act to sue them for damages.
If you are outside of those time limits I do not know what your questions regarding this matter can be and you can please explain.