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I'm asking the question in a case that ghas been raised

Customer Question

Hello I'm asking the question in a case that ghas been raised against me for food stamp fruad. I had been received S. N. A. P. For my children. I reported everything that I had as for my business paper and receipt. Here recently I met with an investigator about my case. She informed me thaty case was being investergated because of a bank account that sti had my name on it with my husband. And she said that someone had call in and said we are still together I. The household. I told her that we wasn't but that I still had that debit card because we are not divorced and I didn't get off his account but I didn't know that I needed to get off the account. She stated that because I used the card and his checknis direct deposited that I am didn't report his income. Now she is saying that I owe $16,000 to the government and my case will be turned over to the DA. My Caseworker told me to go and get off the account if since he is not in the household and he gives me xamount for the kids. So I did exactly what she told me to do but they still want me to pay
What kind I do? I don't have the amount they want and II still need the assistance for my children.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


You're going to have to pay back the overpayment, but you can ask them to set up a payment plan. In that way you won't have to pay everything off at once.