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My mother is 90 yrs old 20 yrs ago she fell coming down from

Customer Question

my mother is 90 yrs old 20 yrs ago she fell coming down from the second floor where her bedroom was and broke her leg my brothers and sisters had a family meeting because we were concerned about her safety my father passed away in 1987 and my mother had been living alone in a 2 story house by herself at the time i was the only sibling that didnt own a house i was able to move in the 4 bedroom house with her because she didnt want to sell the house and downsize or move in with one of my brothers or sisters and sell the house she didnt even want to move her bedroom downstairs which is what the main concern was with her being in the house alone and going up and down the stairs so fast forward to 5 yrs ago she had a mini stroke we had a family meeting and everybody else wanted to look into permanent care for her my mother and i had talked about how if possible she wanted to pass away in her own bed in her own home where she raised her children and had all her best memories im not sure exactly when but my younger brother and sister were made executors of her estate but it was 15 maybe 20 years ago im not sure y because for years before she had the stroke i asked them why the house was still in her name since i have been the one who has been in thee house taking care of her for the last 20 years they should have her sell it to me at a price that was legally acceptable and they told me i was trying to take advantage of the situation so i said put it in one of their names i didnt care but dont leave the house in her name because it will go to pay medical cost and she worked on the books paying taxes till the day she had the stroke at 85 yrs old so all these yrs later the house is still in her name at the family meeting the only reason they let her come home after the stroke instead of going right to a permanent care facility is because they didnt think i would be able to provide the care necessary and i would give up and they would get their way without a big fight because i refused to even discuss permanent care until she was in her own home and we could base a decision on a real situation not on what someones opinion was so for 4 years i took care of her by myself but the last couple yrs she required more and more attention so for 4 yrs i took care of her by myself and for 4 yrs my sisters were looking into what elderly care programs they could get for her and whenever i asked about why they couldnt get me any help with her they would tell me when its to much for me just say so and we will look into permanent care so i called for a family meeting and made it clear to everyone that its been 4 yrs and i still dont have any help so my brothers wife said she would see what she could do to get me some help with mom 2 weeks later hospice started sending someone 3 days a week for 3 hours a day then a couple weeks later family services started sending someone 3 days a week for 3 hours a day then a little later the jack program started sending someone 3 days a week for 3 hours so i finally had help with her and i actually started to be able to get out and work again and one morning my sister shows up at 7 am and when i asked her why she was at the house so early she said i must have forgot to tell you were putting mom into permanent care facility today then a couple days later my brother calls me and says the house has to be sold to pay for the permanent care get ready to show the house the realtor will call and let me know when their going to show it to someone and i better start looking for a place to go because they priced it to sell right away do i have any way to stay in the house without it affecting my mothers care
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Richard replied 1 year ago.

Good morning. My name is ***** ***** I look forward to helping you.

Can you provide me just a bit more information? Do any of your siblings have a POA from your mother to act on her behalf? Is your mom mentally competent at this time? Thank you!