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Does my child have rights to get s tribal beads back from

Customer Question

Does my child have rights to get his tribal beads back from the repo company.
They deny that the finance co sent them the release to return back our property.
The supervisor said I had to pay them $700 for his beads.
DOes he have special rights that he is exempt from their excessive fees?
Can you tell me if you can help us please? They said in a week the beads are theirs forever.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Dear Customer,

The repo company is entitled to "reasonable fees and costs" for the actual repossession and storage of the property. While there is no set fee for this, it must be a "reasonable amount" - most facilities charge a daily rate, if the property has been there for a long time, these fees can become expensive.

Ask the company for a breakdown of their fee (an itemized statement) - it should clearly identify what the charges are for. Once you have that itemized list you can better dispute the charges (again whether or not the fee is "reasonable").

If you fail to recover the property, they can indeed auction it in order to recover their fee (so if you only have 1 week left, this may require you to move very quickly indeed). (This is called the "redemption period").

If they appear to be charging too much, you can try using a threat of reporting them to the California Attorney General's Office (, or you can hire a local attorney to represent you, but unfortunately with only a week before your son's redemption period runs, you may not have enough time for these to take effect before the property changes hands and you will be left fighting for monetary value (if I understand correctly, these beads have a significant sentimental/spiritual value for you and your son, and probably cannot be fully compensated via cash).