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Please inform if you think I have a case. Geico informed me

Customer Question

Please inform if you think I have a case. Geico informed me yesterday that I caused an accident on 9/8/15 while driving my 2003 Saturn Ion. I asked the rep. how I could be in an accident on that day when I don't even own a 2003 Saturn Ion. She then placed me on hold and later apologized saying the records had been mixed up. My policy now indicates a claim for that accident. I mentioned that I never authorized the release of any personal information. They refused to provide me details of which police department received the report. They wanted to record me over the phone stating that I understand this was all just a misunderstanding. I refused. I asked them to provide me a letter stating that Geico will notify the police, the claimant, and claimant's insurance company that all this was a mistake on their behalf. I also informed them that my driving record and credit is reviewed by my employer. I informed her that for all I know I could have a warrant out for my arrest for causing an accident and also could be sued by the other individual. I demanded Geico put in writing that they will work on my behalf legally should I be sued and/or acted against by the authorities. She refused. I have a great deal of anxiety because feel 1)My privacy has been violated 2)Fear my identity can be compromised 3) Fear I can be prosecuted for something I didn't do. I have no criminal history whatsoever. 4) Fear I can be sued by the other insurance company or individual 5) Fear I can lose my job because my employer checks credit history and driving records. 6) Fear my credit can be affected 7) Fear I will pay significantly more for insurance in the future.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 1 year ago.


This is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.

If you want to sue because you now have these "fears" you will need to show that Geico intentionally made the mistake to instill the fear in you. But it sounds like this is a matter of pure unintentional error.

In that case, I suggest that Geico should be working with you to clear your record. And if they do not, then I suggest that you can contact the Insurance Commission in Michigan and make a complaint about this.

You can use this link for that contact information and how to proceed with a complaint.