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Im 19, I use to work about 2 months ago T-Mobile company(

Customer Question

Im 19, I use to work about 2 months ago for a T-Mobile company( franchise ) to make the story short, Everyone in the company was doing wrongs. The manager would happen to leave for 4-5 hours everyday on the clock and get paid for and told its employee's not to say a word to the owner. The company had no clock in and out system therefore the employees would have no valid paper work for their hours, i was never paid the full amount that I was owed. One afternoon, my current iPhone 6 broke and was damaged. I saw other employees use demo phones for a few days to try it out and such so while my new iPhone was being shipped to my house, I decided to walk in before atore hours and take a demo phone to use it until my new iPhone came in the mail. The manager saw on camera and now is saying in the past 6 months their has been SEVEN phones missing. More than $3,000 cash and that is ridiculous because since they have one video of me going in the store and BORROWING a phone ( in their eyes it looks like i was stealing, since i did not ask for permission either ) and, Back to where the employees never got paid in full, I would sometimes miss 3/4 hours here and there so when i informed it to management and they did nothint about it i decided to take $30/40 of the missing cash from my paycheck i took it from their register. Now they had done investigation and they pinned down everything on me and said the total missing is $6,000 and that is to he owed by this upcoming Sunday. With the phone value and cash it would be $600/700 for the phone value and cash was near $200. And even today i believe the phone value is less and i STILL have possession of the phone i had no intentions of stealing it. Over the phone they said if not paid $6,000 by this sunday they will show police the video and have me arrested, im frustrated because i did not take anything close to that amount. Lets say we had to pay back the Phone it self that would $700-800. Not nearly $6,000. Im 19 where do i even come up with this amount. Do take in mind they called me threatening me to pay asap or the cops will arrest me so i felt blackmailed and confessed on taking the phone BUT did mention i had no intentions on stealing but rather Taking it to borrow. My question is do i pay $6,000 so no court is involved and i dont get arrested and having theft on my permanent record.. Or do i take it to court and have a possible chance to winning this case. I have previous employees who worked for the same owner who can give a defense on my behalf of how the company is a scheme.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Regrettably, if they have you on tape doing what you have been accused of doing, you do not have any chance of prevailing in Court. Also, by still having the phone in question in your possession, that strengthens their case that you stole the phone. So, you need to find a way to pay them what they are alleging that you owe. However, if you are unable to pay, then they may follow-up with their threat of reporting the matter to the Police and you may be arrested and charged with theft. If convicted, that would go on your record.