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Imm severly disabled collecting disability after my court

Customer Question

Imm severly disabled collecting disability after my court order withholding court orderd deduction is 1,200.00 + an additional 986.00 In disability payments due to my being on disability. They are taking the same amout that I volunteered to pay when I was making 70,000 a year.
Now I'm severely disabled and after all the deductions taken frim my monthly check I bring home only 615.00. I had to cut out to specialits dr.s I needed due to my inability to pay the 40.00 copay. I also had to stop taking 4 of my medications due to the copays. I now have to get what keeps me out of harms way physically by getting only 2 and they cost me 90.00 along with a 45 dollar copay to see the dr who writes them for me. I get 180.00 in food stamps thank god but I still have to eat romen noodles and drink water for the last week of the month. What can I do. Due to my being malnourished and tired all the time from my lack of activity I fell down 18 stairs and will need another surgery on my spine. Im trying to get extra help but they say I make to much due to my disability being 2000.00 before all the court orderd deductions.
My wife passed away in 2013. The mother for my daughter is making great money living well, has a mortgage that I helped her ger and I paid her child support cash and sje is not giving me full credit. Look my health is bad I cant get extra help, im being charged the same support as if I was making 70,000+thoudand dollars and im not making close to that. Im making 21,000 only and now on top of having been in a coma and having to learn how to read, write, walk, talk and speak again. I have severe muscle atrophy, major arthritis, water in the left knee. I have severe cerebral palsy.
I had brain surgery for blood clotts in my brain. Ive had both my feet, ankles, calfs, and heal cords streached so I could gain the ability to talk. I was an athlete to overcome my CP. I them became a peace officer with the sheriff's dpt, recieved my degree and by gods grace did well in corporate America. I then had a bad car accident on april 15 2000 was in a coma and quickly recovetd, still paying my support in cash on a monthy bases. Untill I was hospitalized over complecations and fell behind. After getting well signed a afadavid with support to take 75% of my pay weekly till caught up. Still paying Diana cash fir support kniwing my daughter was getting what she neded. I then had to go on disability due to my inabilty to walk. I asked diana to pleade report all the money givin plus on monthy visits I'd by clothes give money for insidentals and insurance. I then put racheal on my insurance and Diana said no. She then wouldnt let me see her and still wont. I made my mistakes but im foing more then im able. Please somebody help me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal