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I was on my mother's bank account with Regions bank from Oct

Customer Question

Hi, I was on my mother's bank account with Regions bank from Oct 2007 I thought until her death on Mar 19,2011 covered by a Durable Power of Attorney with Regions Bank but I was removed in April 2010 fraudulently and the address was changed from mine overseas in the Marshall Islands fraudulently and over $41,000.00 was stolen by 3 women with the help of someone at Regions Bank from April 2010 with the change of address that occurred until March 2011. I was never called, emailed or sent any written documentation from anyone at Regions.
Our mother died, March 19, 2011 and we were not told of her death for 4 days. My sister and I flew to Mobile, AL to make arrangements and we went to the bank the following week and discovered a change of address from my address overseas in the Marshall Islands where I lived for 22 years, fraudulent ATM transactions, fraudulent pin-withdrawals and 2 fraudulent checks. I contacted Regions bank and asked for the fraud investigator to initiate a fraud investigation and give me all pictures and written documentation from the change of address that occurred in April 2010 - March 2011 and send me a check for over $38,599.64. This did not include the missing statement that another employee got for me which was over $3165 and some change. The fraud investigator told me that Regions protects their customers. How? I have not received any pictures or written documentation from April 2010 - Mar 2011 nor the full refund. The investigator also send a fraudulent report to the former DA and cop in Mobile, AL. We also found out in Aug/Sept 2011 that Regions has a thief who helped 3 women commit theft, fraud, forgery, kidnapping and possibly of our mother after I was shown a document that listed my street address in the Marshall Islands, listed one of the women who did these crimes as caretaker and was signed "Mary Randall." But it was not my mother's signature nor did my mother ever sign her name that way. I told the employee that Regions had a thief and that the document was fraudulent and that the person listed as caretaker was not but her kidnapper and I never received mail at a street address in the Marshall Islands. I had a P.O. Box for free. That is mail fraud. I have spoken with the VP in Mobile, AL and the fraud investigator and a employee in Birmingham besides multiple employees and these 3 people I spoke with are more concerned about a prepared statement then a thief. I have had also 4 attorneys who either I never hear from again or who resigned. I have even spoken with the FBI, the new DA in Mobile, AL and the financial crimes unit. I am told that it will be until the end of Oct 2015 before the DA can get a subpoena. Why? Why have I not been given what I asked for in March 2011 when we found out about the theft, fraud, forgery and contacted the fraud dept at Regions. I am on Social Security Disability and I have contacted the President of Regions also but so far nothing. What can I do? We have also asked the bank to give me statements from Sept 2005 - April 2010 so that I can count up the checks for cash that my mother signed and put in her portable safe which I believe is over $30,000.00. No word on that either. Thank you for any help or consideration you can give me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for the information.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the justice system works very slowly. You should keep contacting the DA's office to make sure that your case is not forgotten. In the meantime, you can file complaint against the bank with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is a relatively new agency, but it has been very helpful to consumers in dealing with uncooperative financial institutions. Click on the link below to file your complaint:

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I did contact the Federal Reserve who contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who did nothing. They are a joke. I again read the response that Bob Scheer of the Regions Fraud Dept in Mobile, AL reported and he is a joke also. He told me on the phone that he was a law enforcement agent for 31 years in March 2011, not June 2011. Doing what? Sweeping the floor of the jail. I told him and ***** ***** at the Dauphin Island Parkway branch from Regions that theft, fraud, forgery, change of address occurred in April 2010 - March 2011 and I wanted a full refund that included over $41,000.00 stolen and all pictures and written correspondence from him and the bank. Did I get anything from that change of address from him? No. I spoke with him I March 2011 and told him of the theft, fraud, forgery, change of address and at no time was I given or asked to sign any affidivits from anyone at the bank but apparently it is alright to walk into a branch of a bank, show no ID or written documentation, change the address and steal over $41,000.00 from someone's bank account and remove someone from the account fraudulently in April 2010 and never be notified either by phone, email or sent any written documentation. I have found out last year that I was removed from my mother's account fraudulently in April 2010 and put back on March 2011. Never was I told this by Bob Scheer, fraud investigator for regions. I have even called Birmingham & also Mobile to try to speak to someone who is in charge of the Fraud dept of Regions but got hung up in Birmingham and when I called a branch in Mobile, they referred me the Dauphin Island Parkway branch (DIP) of Regions who referred me to Bob Scheer who told me that I was reading from a "prepared statement" whatever that was. I was taken off my mother's, Mary S Randall's checking account with Regions covered by a Durable Power of Attorney in April 2010 illegally and the put back on in March 2011. Who took me off and who put me back on? Who did either at Regions? Can you tell me who is in charge of Regions Fraud Dept. I have also spoken to the VP Michelle Kane in Mobile who was more concerned about a prepared statement instead of a thief. I am just shaking my head over the idiocy I am seeing from those employees in Mobile, AL I have also recently read the report I got back from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and apparently it is alright to lie, steal commit fraud, forgery, kidnapping and possibly murder in Mobile, AL. I was also never told that I had been removed fraudulently from the account either by the people at the Mall in Mobile when I got my mother's statements nor by Bob Scheer or by ***** ***** who was the originally employee I spoke with at the bank. I also got from the US post office on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands where I lived at for 22 years a statement stating that we did not receive our mail at a street address on island. We do not give out that information to the enemy and I have forwarded that information to the President of Regions Bank, Grayson Hall giving him until 01 Nov 2015 to take care of the problems or I am going to the social media. I do not want another family to suffer the losses we have including the death of a family member. I do know that they have a thief at Regions in Mobile. I do not know who the person is though we have suspicions of who it might be but we are not sure and I do not want to accuse anyone who is innocent. But I see huge differences in Regions bank branches in Mobile, AL and a bank in Los Vegas. A friend called me this year and told me of her friend in Las Vegas who is on her mother's bank account with a Durable Power of Attorney also. The bank called and asked her if she knew that her mother had written 3 checks totally over $25,000.00. She asked her mother about and her reply was that a man had called her on the phone and threaten her and her family if she did not pay less then $10,000.00. The bank then sent a person from the fraud dept to speak with the mother and the daughter who asked if she knew this individual and was she a part of the scheme. The daughter got angry and was asking why they did not contact the police and have them arrest this individual. The fraud dept of the bank sent for the police and the women got the money back into their account. So I do not understand why when I spoke with ***** ***** and Bob Scheer they did not refund me the full amount, over $41,000.00 and give me the photos and all written documentation I asked for. I was not given any affidavits from Regions ever until this year when I spoke with a customer service rep who contacted another person who mentioned affidavits and who I asked them to explain it to me. I knew that it was a legal term from reading mysteries but did not know what it exactly was and how to do it. I did sent to the President of Regions, Grayson Hall all the statements plus copies of the original and the 2nd Durable Power of Attorney we tried to get our mother to sign.
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you very much for the additional information. Unfortunately, I do not have anything else to add because you have done everything that you are supposed to do under the circumstances. I will opt out however to see if another Attorney may have other ideas for you.

Best wishes,