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What do you do when criminals running the legal system

Customer Question

what do you do when criminals running the legal system arrest and convict you for a date that never happened and there is no police report or record of a crime committed and all needed documents are forged and even your lawyers refuse to challenge anything . we have all documents to support this in one federal court and in 3 state courts working together to conceal the truth we know?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

If you are dealing with a corrupt system, then your option would be to go to the news media to expose the corruption. Click on the link below for media contact list:

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
as you know the news media requires an attorney - we are the victims why is this being ignored ? isn't being a victim worth exposing this massive corruption or should we never get help and the system ran by you requires criminals running it .are you really an attorney ?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the newsmedia gets justice in 2015 ; what does the courts do?
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I merely suggested the news media because you had indicated not getting any justice from our justice system. News media such as 60 Minutes, New York Times, and 20/20, to name but a few have achieved or forced the Court system to do what it supposed to do in the first place: treat all citizens and residents fairly and get justice for those who deserves it. I am going to opt out however to give another Attorney the opportunity to comment on your case.

Yes, I am really Attorney. I am licensed in two states and I have been practicing law for more than sixteen years in both state and federal Courts.

Best wishes,

Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


I am another attorney here at Just Answer and I may be able to offer some suggestions if you can tell me a little more about the case and why it is fabricated and why it seems so difficult to get a dismissal or other assistance that you need. It is very hard for us as attorneys to address an issue when we are simply told that the government is fabricating evidence. Now, if you can tell me who, what, what agency or agencies are involved and why this might be happening, then a better understanding on my part may lead to more suggestions for where you can complain to and where you can take up these matters further.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok thanks i will address this with you.
1. why it is fabricated ? because they were trying to get jurisdiction with no crime ; with one goal to silence us as witnesses which is what we are to some outrageous police misconduct includes sexual torture; kidnapping , robbery , home invasion dressed as ninja's for profit telling us at the end of the terror if we say anything they will come after us - well we tried they came after us over and over again jail with no warrants and no crime and then a magistrate judge conspired to protect they're criminal activities and cover it up by putting us in false light to do so but also included 2 counties in state court due to the multi jurisdictional task force which were the criminals but they needed to silence the truth because the task force was new and everybody said that this will not work - 16 months before this occured the paper reported that they were to dispan task force cause of no work and funding was low. so after encounter with them we found out how they were supporting themselves and the task force. we are in late 50's this started in 1996 and with god's help we manged to hold onto all federal and state documents which show a mass conspiracy involving all even the federal and state public defenders office and the presiding judges in state court . we know you have never seen this ; it is like a horror movie in a small town that does what they want. lawyers say " we cant do anything about it or they will put us in jail ". The dockets are altered , they are not afraid of any retaliation or real law coming after them because they gave us everything , bold , not afraid knowing we could do nothing , everybody is in their pocket. the town where the only business running is court , bond & PRISON for profit only is Springfield Mo . We are not the only victims there are hundreds more maybe thousands . So far no one has the balls to do anything but we bought all the law books studied and understand the federal codes and state statues. this is not just bad rulings by bad judges we have documents that the legal system would drull over ; the lenghts they did and acts against us and record this..they drained all of our funds , all of our families , calling them ahead of time to see if they have money stole
over $300,000.00. on one case you will pay bond over and over. this is from my husband .
this is from me:
these bad cops came into my house kept me undressed with handcuff's on watching my personal times with my husband for over 18 hours, my son and his friend were taken to a friends house age 14 ; never telling me ; at 5:30 am i was told to leave and i had no where to go. i got chocolate donuts and milk stayed in my car and watched them hold my house for 2 days , stealing my property and never hiding the sexual torture where i am concerned . no i wasn't raped but tortured by 9 of them. i was told to keep this silent and i did not . i contacted everyone possible and the backlash for that was unthinkable. we have a*****transcript that all of the same sick bastards under oath state this was standard procedure admitting what they did and who did this and boasting to say this was normal. after no other recourse i couldn't take it anymore i gave up they set a grand jury trial date but no one showed up - period on docket , certified true copy ; no one cared. charge codes are changes with no legal filings to hear this matter ; never addressed this issue ever. they ordered any law officer at any given time to enter my house , body and cavity searches at any time anywhere. we were on no charges , no crime and every document related on any docket is fabricated with multiple original 's given to me along with original blue stamp and filings stamped mail. every time they came to get me ocn numbers are created and trumped up charges with nothing but dismissals and no filed documents ever. they had a mini mock trial that only on transcript judges , everyone boast this is ok and sexual torture is procedure for them . Like i said nothing is filed verified and affidavits don't exist.
they let me see them change jackets fbi to dea to sherriff when they aren't cops they were those to work off federal option no prison if this is done. i would send complaints to every entity and they would block them ; saying now jean stop this because we said so. i filed two civil suits but when one had to be heard by outside judge that same day they drove me to prison , no conviction and falsified , fabricated documents no filings and no crime , criminal procedures in federal didn't exist ; paid 47.oo for copy of 14 documents , got receipt , 10 cent for copies is standard ; case numbers that are not of public record , there is alot more like 10 different case numbers falsifying case filings standards with ssn ( social security numbers) on all public record, there isnt much that was not done to us . transporting me i would get punched strapping me in with seat belt. On and On .
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i can send you these fabricate documents let me know thanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
are you there