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Here is a tale of events. Person A is not a sentient person

Customer Question

Here is a tale of events.
Person A is not a sentient person and is on disability.
Person A is living with a boyfriend "B" where they have a child "AB".
B is sign on as a payee for disability A and AB is getting funds as well were B is sign on as payee as well.
Person A wants to leave with child. Person A gets it's parents "AP" to pick A up with AB and take A and AB home.
Person A gets AP to open account and become payee of both A and AB.
B stops AP from becoming payee on AB but is still lined up for A. No cash has come from disability yet and has not from the start. The only cash in question is in "childs" account under the parents name only A. In such when Child and parent left one account in A's name only was taken and a new account was open in a different bank.
B gets emergency court to get AB out of the AP house by telling tall tales of falsehood were sheriff comes to get AB. So many false hoods in the court paperwork it was amazing.
B wants parents of A to give bank all funds from the account that was in A's name. Since the parent of A was a sign on to get the account open parent knows that he or she is responsible.
The parents of A are retired and on a fixed and stable income relying on social security. B got Social Security to stop payment on AP's retirement by forcing AP to pay back all funds. During the same time came and got A, the parent of AB.
Comes down to it parents of a disabled adult took the adult and child in. Opened a bank account and had disability funds put in a new account that was newly opened. changed status for payee on child and disabled adult from boyfriend to parents of the disabled adult. In 3 to 4 weeks time the adult now is back to boyfriend and the parents of the adult have to come up with thousands of dollars to payback the account that the boyfriend was in control of that was in the disabled adults name. Due to the disabled adult hired a lawyer with the funds that was in her name to fight boyfriend. The account was in the disabled adults name only and boyfriend says is was the child college funds.
The retired parents have not used this money nor had it. Granted their name was on the account to open the account. What it looks like to them is the disabled adult just stole retirement funds from them. They acted in good faith. Is there any recourse of action because without retirement they will loose their house. Looks like Social Security admin will withhold all funds until this money is paid back that they never had.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I do not need this question answered.
They will not loose their house,and funds are to be returned. SS will audit all parties and anything wrong there will get sorted out. No need for lawyer.