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I need animal law help. Three dogs were taken in from

Customer Question

I need animal law help. Three dogs were taken in from backyard breeder being investigated by county. Did not know him but agreed for two weeks. Pregnant dog gave birth (my surprise) and was able to get him to take her. Other two were abandoned and after 4 mo I called a rescue I support and he offered med bills and generous donation to rescue that helped me. Search showed rescue that wasn't available but nearly 1 month later contacted me (tried to take my dog which I didn't understand at that time), and said he could take them although he did not want the older dog. We agreed he would evaluate the older one, leash train the younger one in preparation for me to adopt her after hearing was over. He ended up refusing to vet, provide type of food they needed, or even adjust to needs on walk complaining male didn't keep up. Asked to be patient as both dogs had gone through much trauma but he said; "You don't understand, I don't operate that way, I work the numbers, I don't adjust to them, they ADJUST TO ME."
He also made himself very clear by answering my inquiry "what are you doing?" He snapped back' "I'm NOT DOING ANYTHING TIL I GET THE MONEY!" A day and a half later the senior male was returned by young couple who found him alone on the river, the same area this guy walks and lives. I waited a short while to see if he would contact me which he never did and hasn't responded to this day. When I asked about Cherry's training, he matter of fact wrote he adopted her out. He refuses to behave in any responsible logical way, appears extremely narsisstic and in fact seems to be enjoying himself.
In the meantime, I'm searching far and wide wondering if she was also dumped. I am offering a 500 reward and the posters caught the eye of the Yolo Co Animal Services who are well into investigating largely due to previous case of taking in dog, refusing health care then dumping near dead or dead dog in same place.
Although he told animal services in my co that he adopted her out intact, I pressed him recently and he said she agreed to spay her and he gave her a monetary credit which was in writing. HOW CAN I GET THIS INFO. I talked to a detective and got paperwork to investigate him but thought I should find the animal law attorney first to make sure I get what can be used without wasting time or money. I definitely want to sue him. 1) try to get info as to what happened to her 2) expose fraud and theft so he doesn't do this to others.....I am sick and exhausted with grief.
What can I do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 2 years ago.


This is Samuel. So to be clear on the facts

You sold dogs and have not been paid?

How much is owed?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No, not at all. I fostered dogs, no pay, no pay requested. Back yard breeder left them in my care and never came to get them. A rescue I know and contribute to offered $ to get another rescue's help, because my health and broken back was to much. Reached rescue via internet to evaluate one dog cause he was old, and TRAIN the other then return. He didn't want to do anything required of rescue or needed by dogs so after 2.5 weeks dumped off one dog & other is ??? Dog flipper, fraud, etc. H:e didn't get the money and since he wasn't a rescue after all, didn't care about the dogs at all. Now my dog is out there somewhere and can't get a straight answer out of him. A theft and fraud lawsuit it only way it seems.More complications, found dog who looked like her so cal, contacted them fo identify, sent pictures, now they are dismissing me. Yesterday saw her post as adoption pending, as if adopting her to someone while I claim she is my stolen dog is fine and dandy. Does money corrupt everyone? looks that way.....what can I do?
Expert:  Sam replied 2 years ago.


Thank you for the clarification.

I am going to opt out and allow another professional to help you. DO NOT RATE or Respond here and your deposit will remain in tact.

Thanks for you patience.