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Unbeknowing to me my 35 yr. old daughter who has mental and

Customer Question

unbeknowing to me my 35 yr. old daughter who has mental and substance abuse problems found my well hidden cks. to our frozen equity line of credit and presented them to her bank. most of them were sent back to her bank unpaid. I started getting a couple of letters a day from my bank stating "As your account is frozen this or these debits have been returned unpaid." Then started notetising money being taken out of my checking acc. overdraft account , within 2 days over$2000.00 dollars disappeared . I had called my bank when letters started, the person I talked to said she would look into it but she never called me back. I then went to my branch office and asked him to explain what was going on. After a few lame annsers and after Icontinued to point out the extreame nature of all that had been going on,he admitted that he couldn't explain any of it and would call me. He asked me if I reconized the signature and said I did but explained that I had no knowledge that had written the checks, I then pressed him as to why the cks. had been paid out from my checking overdraft acc. when there was no tie between the two, he didn't understand either and would look into it ,he never called . I'm now trying to get answers from the 5th person at the bank. He told me that the top guys told him they could pay out from any acc. in our names when there sufficient funds He said he had no idea that could be done either and was very sympathic . so I asked to start fauad investigation but in the mean time I would investigate on my own to find out if Suntrust bank did any thing illegal ,. they have added about $500.00 in fees because of this and they never once contacted me during any of this just because of the crazy way all this happened. One ck. was for 1 million dollars ! ! Of course they didn't try to pay that one. I'm at the point know that my bills are not getting paid. O ya, we have been with this bank 40 years. Please I need to know what to do!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  N Cal Atty replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question.

The bank breached its contract with you by honoring forged checks and you can sue to recover all the amounts it paid and the fees it imposed.

You can get a free consultation from some of the consumer protection attorneys listed by location here.

Please follow up on this with a local attorney.

I hope this information is helpful.