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I have been on disability SSI since 2007. I receive 1,284.00

Customer Question

I have been on disability SSI since 2007. I receive 1,284.00 a month. I am a RN, but the Nursing board has me listed as license suspended indefinately due to disciplinary actions. I had in Oct. 15 renewed my license. They asked if I had ever had an OWI. I told the truth, and said yes, but I wasn't driving, and my Doctor wrote a statement that the new antidepressant I was on was a huge part of what I did. I don't remember any of this, because the medicine caused me to black out. I blew 8.5. My lawyer said we could fight this. I blacked out from the medicine, and don't remember getting out of bed, getting in my car, and driving out in the country. I didn't hit or wreck anyone or thing. I pulled into a farm house, and parked my car, and knocked on their door. The people who lived in the country, and told them all about this medicine. They called my Dad, he came to get my car, but they had called the Sheriff dept, so they took me to jail. Well I applied like I said, and they had me come downtown to come before the board. I had broken all my rib's on the left side just a few days before. I had 2 trip's to ER, and 2 trip's to my Doctor's for the pain. My dog heard someone pounding on the door, and she tripped me as she was running down the steps behind me to get to the door. I was in terrible shape, and on pain meds. They zeroed in on the pain medicine, and said are you working, and I said no, and they said why don't you retire, and I said I didn't want to, so they wanted me to come off of all my medicines, and over the counter medicines, and be watched, tested, go to session's at Aspire. The kicker in this is in 2012 I was 3 hours from death, and am now in Chronic Renal Failure, but don't need dialysis. My kidney's are only functioning 35% now, but I want to work part time. So, I have no license due to suspension, and they wanted me to be monitored for 1 year, and pay all these fees to get my license back, and I don't have the money, and will be in Chronic Renal Failure the rest of my life. So, I was to come before them again last year in Sept. My Father had died, and I couldn't make it. I called them,the Nursing Board, and Chuck who is ahead of what you have to do to get reinstated. Both of them said that was fine, and I could reschedule. So I can't use my license, because of their stipulation's. My illness, and the other's that took place or real, and I can prove all of it. I never did one thing wrong to anyone in my career as a Nurse. No stealing of meds. no violation of Hippa, nothing at all to do with injuring or anything else ever to anyone in all my year's of Nursing. I want my license back, I can fill in the blank's with time tables, and Doctor's. Let me know what you think. Diana XXXX
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

Were you convicted of the OWI, you did not say, you only said your lawyer said you could fight it?

Also, did you appear before the Nursing Board when they wanted you to appear?