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Category: Legal
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Experience:  14 years experience in representing clients, current member of legalshield, legal club of america, NYSUT and UFT attorney
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I took an iPad to a shop because it had a broken glass. No

Customer Question

I took an iPad to a shop because it had a broken glass. No problem with anything else. I asked the man could he fix the glass he said yes, I asked him again was he sure. He said yes. So I told him that was the only thing wrong with it it worked fine. I went back to pick it up , before handing it to me the store clerk checked it and found out it were jumping she showed it to her manger . He said they needed to fix it so I left it there. I came back the next day, the same problem, I left it again came back three days later he assured me that it were o,k, I took it home ,gave it to my grandson (it belong to my grandson, iBrought for his birthday). He said when go to a page for a few seconds it jumps on to another page, I took it back the next day, he said he would fix that problem I gave him almost a week beCause now I so frustrated I can,t think. After coming myself down I went back to pick it up. He said it were ready,I,m happy I,m smiling so I took it home gave it to my grandson and guess what he said to me grandma it need charging and it won,t charge. The next morning I took it back to the shop and told the man what was happening HE looked at me and said A N D. I repeated what I had just said, and he asked me what do I expect him to do(and you know how I felt. I really fault to hold back the tears.) I told him I could not take it home like that no more. He said he didn't know what I expect him to do. And he took it and walked in the back with it . I felt like I needed to find me some help. I haven,t been back there it,s going on two weeks now. Sep.16,.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  WALLSTREETFIGHTER replied 2 years ago.

This is an unfortunate situation, your best bet is to advise the store you will be suing them in small claims court unless they provide a full refund back to you, in terms of other legal action, not much else can be done, if they have fixed the glass, and the apps inside are not working, you may want to go to APPLE support, and have them look at it,